Washington and London report “malicious cyber activity” in Russia


Washington and London report “malicious cyber activity” in Russia © ANP / AFP / File / Rob Engelaar

The United States and Britain on Monday issued a rare joint warning about a “malicious cyber activity” of the Russian state aimed at administrations and infrastructure.
“The targets of this malicious cyberactivity are mainly governments and private sector organizations, critical infrastructure providers and Internet service providers,” the British National Cyber ​​Security Center and the US announced in a joint statement. , the FBI (Federal Police) and the Ministry of Homeland Security.
In particular, electronic routers or computer firewalls, crucial devices in the routing of digital information, are particularly targeted.
Taking control of it allows for “spying, extracting intellectual property, maintaining permanent access to the victim’s networks, and potentially laying the foundation for future aggressive operations,” said the US Department of Homeland Security. interior.
The statement warns both ISPs and users, and cites cybersecurity research organizations and other governments in support of this information, without giving details of the date or extent of these malicious actions.
“The current state of the American and British networks, coupled with a Russian government campaign to exploit these networks, threatens our security and our economic health,” the statement said.
For example, the perpetrators of an attack could remotely neutralize a power plant or damage it in its operation.
According to the US authorities, these piracy efforts are part of a series of hostile operations by Russian civilian and military intelligence agencies.
Cybercrime in the world © John SAEKI AFP
These actions, which have been accelerating over the last two years, have allowed the Russians to infiltrate Hillary Clinton’s computer system and steal thousands of emails that were made public during the 2016 election campaign. weakened the candidate.
Federal experts described these cyberattacks in a report called “Grizzly Steppe”.
The press release comes in a tense climate between these two countries and Russia. Washington and London have carried out strikes against the Syrian regime, allied with Moscow, and London accuses Moscow of poisoning on its territory in early March a former Russian spy, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter.
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