Washington Office for Latin America recognizes that Guaidó was left alone

The director of the Washington Office for Latin America (WOLA), Geoff Ramsey, said Tuesday that the countries have withdrawn support for Venezuelan opposition Juan Guaidó.

“Of the nearly 60 countries that at one point accepted Guaidó as president, all but seven have quietly withdrawn the designation from their official statements this year,” reads the post on his Twitter account.

President Maduro said on May 26 that he was willing to sit down and talk with all the opposition radicals, but that the dialogue would be conditioned by three points that he asks those summoned to comply:

  • The “immediate” lifting of all unilateral coercive measures against Venezuela.
  • The full recognition of the legitimate National Assembly and the powers established in Venezuela.
  • The return of bank accounts abroad to Venezuelan institutions such as PDVSA and the Central Bank of Venezuela.

“Do you want to negotiate? I put those three points. And we go where you want, in Venezuela, in the Caribbean, in Latin America, in Norway, wherever you want, we sit down ”, declared the President of the Republic.