Waste – Freiburg im Breisgau – Freiburg fights against wild garbage: poster campaign – economy

Freiburg (dpa / lsw) – disposable coffee cups, banana peels and pizza boxes: Freiburg is becoming more and more troubled by rubbish that has been thrown away carelessly. The southern Baden city reacts to draw attention to the problem. Celebrities can be seen on posters – among them the non-party mayor Martin Horn, with coffee running down his face. The daily newspaper “Bild” reported first.

The city complained that the state of cleanliness in the municipality had obviously suffered in recent years. 5,000 kilos of waste end up on the street every day. “Keeping the city clean requires the commitment of each and every individual,” appealed Mayor Horn.

The residents of the Black Forest metropolis are actually considered to be particularly exemplary when it comes to waste. There were 113 kilos of household and bulky waste per resident last year, which was the lowest value among the independent cities in the southwest. According to statistics, the national average was 144 kilos.

The city reported that a garbage campaign with the hip-hop band Zweierpasch was planned in the city center this Wednesday (October 26). The aim is to collect at least 20,000 cigarette butts within an hour.

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