Waste – Freiburg im Breisgau – Freiburg uses sensors against overfilled glass containers – economy

Freiburg (dpa/lsw) – In the fight against overflowing used glass containers on the streets of Freiburg, the municipal waste service provider is increasing electronic control using sensors. “We want to empty the containers when they are full,” said Michael Broglin, Managing Director of Freiburg Waste Management and City Cleaning GmbH (ASF), on Monday in Freiburg. “Hopefully we won’t have any more overcrowded containers.”

The number of glass containers with sensors in the Freiburg area should increase to 100. This makes it possible to react immediately to filled containers and to empty them. Broglin gave the town’s residents good marks in sorting white and colored waste glass. “We never had any problems with the glassworks.”

On average, every citizen collects 30 kilograms of glass per year – this puts Freiburg above the state average of 27 kilograms. Baden-Baden, however, even comes to 38 kilos, as can be seen from the state’s waste report for the past year.

Overall, Freiburg does very well in the state’s garbage statistics. There were 113 kilos of household and bulky waste per inhabitant last year, which was the lowest value among the major cities in the south-west. The national average was 144 kilos. “The issue of waste prevention is perhaps better anchored in people’s minds than elsewhere,” said Broglin. A subsidiary of the energy supplier Badenova is involved in the project with the sensors.

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