Watch.. A Jordanian resident in the Kingdom tells the story of his daughters’ marriage to Saudis..and reveals his will after his death

Al-Marsad newspaper: Jordanian Abdullah Al-Kandani narrated, during an interview with Saudi TV, his journey inside the Kingdom from south to north, which lasted for 5 consecutive decades, the marriage of his sons and daughters to Saudis, and his will for them after his death.

Jordanian Abdullah Al-Kandani, 78 years old, has lived in the Kingdom for five decades. Abdullah said, I came to the Kingdom in 1389 with the Ministry of Education, and my share was in the Najran region in Wadi Hamula, and I sat there for 6 years, then I asked to be transferred to the north, as it is close to Jordan.

He continued, so I was transferred to the Qurayyat area in the north of the Kingdom, and I served there for 16 years, and I got married with her, and God blessed me with 5 sons and 5 daughters.

He added, “Our sons, no one knows them but Saudis, because they are all born in the Kingdom, brought up and educated here, and we practice all Saudi customs in food and drink and all our lives.”

And he added, “We don’t feel that we ate our lunch unless the kabsa is present. Our papers are Jordanians, but our affiliation, our blood, and everything we are Saudis, even my children when there is a match between the Kingdom and any other country, all their feelings are with the Saudi teams and in Jordan they tell them you are Saudis.”

He added, “I hope to live the rest of my life here in the Kingdom, and I advise my children that after my death I will be buried here in this medical country in which I have lived my whole life.”

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