Watch .. a luxury electric car threatens the throne of Tesla for this reason! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al Marsad Newspaper: The Lucid Air Edition from Lucid Motors won the Motor Trend Car of the Year award with its first ever car.

According to CNN, the top model of the Lucid Air production line, which Lucid Company tested, cost about $170,000, and despite that, the entire production line was sold.

The Lucid Air came with a powerful engine that can produce 933 horses, in addition to a higher-equipped engine capable of producing 111 horses, with charging power for the battery within a period of only 20 minutes to suffice the car’s distances of 500 miles, and with these technical capabilities the car can accelerate from Stability mode 0 until it reaches a speed of 60 miles, or approximately 100 kilometers per hour, in a period of 9.9 seconds, and compared to a gasoline-powered car with this power, there is a “Bugatti”, where the sound of its engine can be heard as it works as hard as it can to get This power, but in this electric car “Lucid Air”.

Lucid has done a competitive job that distinguishes it from any competitor in the global auto market, by determining when to use screens and when to use the handles, versus many other cars that rely excessively on screens to make the front cabin less expensive.

The downside is the door handles. Inside, the plastic lever mechanism looks surprisingly cheap, and on the outside you have to turn your hand to open the pop-up door handles from the underside, versus comfortably gripping from the top.. It’s a minor swipe, but an expensive car.

In the decade it was in development, Lucid made some breakthroughs in terms of battery and efficiency. Tesla was the leader in terms of efficiency and power, but Lucid Air overtook the closest competitor, the Tesla Model S.

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Also, one thing Tesla definitely doesn’t have, which is quality, they have a lot of reliability issues, and that’s a weakness that Lucid might take advantage of.