Watch… a paratrooper loses control and lands among the hikers

After the winds changed direction, only a Turkish paratrooper took control and descended among the visitors to a Turkish park, where they were eating.

According to the Turkish media, paraglider Selcuk Mahmudoglu, who made a parachute trip within a parachute festival in the Avsat region in the Turkish state of Artvin, landed directly among the citizens who were sitting to enjoy a picnic, after the wind changed its direction and intensified its intensity.

The two-day festival, organized by Avsat Municipality to promote the area, where 6 paratroopers performed.

As the paratrooper Selcuk Mahmutoglu descended, the wind changed direction and increased in intensity. Mahmud Oglu was forced to go down to the area where the citizens spend a picnic in the festival area, without any injuries among the picnickers.

The umbrella was suspended from a tree in the park, where a long ladder was used to clear it from the branches of the tree.