Watch.. A Saudi young man who has been practicing the profession of “tasting and evaluating food” for 10 years reveals details of his experience from childhood

Suleiman Al-Muhaimid, a young Saudi man, has been practicing the hobby of tasting food and evaluating its flavor for 10 years. Chefs and restaurant employees interact with his facial expressions when he starts eating, hoping to pass the taste test successfully. Al-Muhaimid recently recounted to Al-Arabiya TV his beginning with this hobby, saying: “Since my childhood, I have not eaten anything without first analyzing its taste.”

The taste sensitivity of the food evaluator “Suleiman” does not differ according to the ingredients. Restaurants are the ones who pay him in order to evaluate their new items, criticize the quality of cooking, and the method of placing orders in addition to the look of the restaurant and the customer experience. Al-Muhaimid added that the evaluation falls between two points: “the basis of the dish or the idea of ​​the chef himself.” For his part, one of the officials in the restaurant said that he benefits a lot from the food evaluators and asks them to criticize more than praise and to know the status of competitors in the same field.

Not only does Suleiman taste and evaluate food, but he also watches and evaluates the restaurant environment. He pays attention to the cleanliness of the restaurant, the friendliness of the staff, and the overall atmosphere. He also evaluates the presentation of the food, the speed of the service, and the quality of the ingredients. Suleiman’s feedback is invaluable to restaurants, as it helps them to improve their customer experience and stay ahead of the competition.