Watch .. A specialist reveals a new way to build a villa in Riyadh with the “Rapidol” technology… and “explains” its advantages

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A construction specialist revealed, through a video clip posted on social media, the advantages of building with the “Rapidwall” technology, by showing its implementation in one of the villas in Riyadh.

Rapidwall technology

The publisher of the video said that the construction has several techniques, there is Rapidwall, cold iron, ready-made concrete and others, but this house is built using Rapidwall technology.

He continued, what you see now are panels, which the owner of the house imported from Jeddah, and the company is providing workers to help with the installation.

Easy to install

He added, “Rapidwall’s work is very simple and does not require many workers, as it is easy to install, better in insulation, and has a longer guarantee, and construction is allowed in the Kingdom.”

And he went on, Rabidol is panels and after its construction, it is like an ordinary wall.

What is the Rapidwall technology?

Rapidwall technology is a lightweight, cost-competitive building material that is easy to build and quick to complete compared to traditional building materials. Rapidwall panels are used as internal and external walls due to their ability to support loads, thus eliminating the need for traditional building materials, such as brick and wood frames. , and gypsum boards.

Integration of plumbing and electrical connections

The cellular form of Rapidwall panels allows for electrical and plumbing connections to be combined between wall cells, to be filled with insulating material to increase thermal efficiency, or filled with concrete to increase its ability to support loads. Using Rapidwall results in projects being completed more quickly and at lower costs.

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