Al-Ahly vs Al-nejmeh on Monday, 13-8-2018 Online, Ghaith Al Ahli Club decided to apply 15 decisions according to the Board of Directors of the club, including 10 files belonging to the history of the club and come: –

  • First file: According to what was published through the site of the club Ahli open the door to participate in this section during the coming period after the completion of all papers and licenses and the receipt of land
  • The second file: It comes to document the history of Al Ahly club.
  • Third file: Establishment of a museum for Ahli.
  • aFor the fourth file: Developing the club's resources in cooperation and benefiting from the experiences of the great economist Farouq Al-Okdah
  • Fifth file: Developing the role of service committees in the club and providing the best services to members.
  • The sixth file: Cooperation with the international experience in sports activity in order to transfer these experiences to Ahli in all sports and not just in football, so that Al Ahli will continue to be the first of the clubs that always keen to benefit from the advanced international experiences in all sports.
  • The seventh file: The opening of Academies for Al Ahly in the African continent. This comes in the light of the role of Al-Ahly to seek talent in the African continent as well as to spread in the African continent in line with the policy of the state, which is currently keen to strengthen its relationship with brothers in the continent.
  • The eighth file: Development and promotion of management through the preparation of young cadres in various sectors and fields.
  • The ninth file: Preparation of the Olympic champion project This is an important file that the Board wishes to achieve success in order to prepare its sons in different games in a way that contributes in the end in achieving sports achievements in the name of Al Ahli and the Egyptian sport in the continental, Arab and international forums.
  • File XThe committee has already formed a committee to update the systems of attending the matches and securing the masses under the chairmanship of Eng. Khalid Mortaji; a member of the board of directors to develop the final vision of the mechanism of attendance of the masses for the matches. The committee held intensive meetings before presenting its views to the council Administration.

Watch Al Ahli vs Al Najma live broadcast live today 13-8-2018 in the Arab Club Championship, Yalla Shot Live Watch Al Ahli vs Al Najma Online Live Without Cutting, The 36th round of the Arab Club Championship.

Three goals Al Ahli are chasing against Al Najma Club in Borg El Arab

The first goal that Al Ahly wants to achieve against Al Najma is to correct the image that appeared in the copy last year, after receiving two defeats from one team, Al Faisaly Jordan

Al-Ahli's second goal is to search for Badi, the duo Hossam Ashour and Amr Al-Sulayyya, to participate in Esperance's match in the fifth round of the African Champions League. Ashour is absent from the match due to suspension.

The third goal in the desire to achieve a great victory over his Lebanese rival to get a great moral boost, before the face of Esperance on August 17, especially as the victory against the children of Bab Suweika will give the red card to qualify for the next round.

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Al Ahly and Al Najma will be published on Monday at the 2018 Arab Club Championship. The match will be broadcasted by Abu Dhabi Sports Channel 1 and will be suspended by the great match Issam Abdo. The match will be played at 7:45 pm, Egypt time and 8:45 pm. What is new in the world of football.


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