Watch .. Amr Yousef Beza Police in his new series “Taya”


Amr Youssef, through his official account at the exchange site “Instagram”, published a picture of the scenes of his new series “Taya”, which is due to be shown next Ramadan. Amr Yussef commented on the picture, saying: “Greetings to each and every one of his work and his spirit on his palm, Taya, Ramadan 2018”. Amr Yussef embodies in the work events a high profile for the first time in the drama of Upper Egypt and his life turns upside down after the discovery of betrayal of his closest friends in the events of “Taya”.

Amr Yusuf Balzah military Participating in his starring are Amr Youssef, Amr Abdel Galil, Saba Mabarak, Sayed Ragab, Suheir El Morshedy, Mohamed Ali, Hend Abdel Halim, Mha Nassar, Mahmoud El Bazzawy, and a number of other artists. cbc In the coming month of Ramadan. Note: The content of this news was written by the seventh day It does not express a point of view Egypt today But was transferred content as it is from the seventh day We are not responsible for the content of the news and the responsibility of the previous source.


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