Watch an American official arrive in Algeria and ask to eat a roasted lamb head

Joey Hood, US Assistant Secretary of State for Middle Eastern Affairs, wants to eat a famous dish prepared by the Algerians, especially when celebrating the days of Eid al-Adha every year, when sheep are slaughtered, and they call it “Buzlov” containing a severed sheep’s head, which is cooked or grilled over a fire, and it seems It is delicious, to the extent that “Hood” mentioned it in a video broadcast by the US Embassy in Algeria on its accounts on social media, including its famous YouTube channel.

Hood, who is familiar with the Arabic that he learned from his stay in Arab countries for more than 20 years, did not name it when he spoke in the video about Algeria, which he arrived in on Sunday, as the first stop in the framework of his regional tour that includes Morocco and Kuwait and ends next Thursday. However, found in his official biography on the US State Department’s website that he resided for most of that period in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait, and to some extent intermittently in Qatar and Yemen.

As for the video, we hear him describe Algeria, which he is visiting for the first time, as “the country of martyrs,” expressing his happiness at visiting it to hold fruitful talks with its officials. Then he remembers “Bozlov” and asks the Algerians to keep a portion of the dish for him to eat, and he said: “I hope that you Give me my right to buy the Bozlov,” according to the expression of the man in his biography, that he is familiar with Islam and Arab heritage.

The origin of the word “Buzlov”

The word “Buzlov” always refers to a sheep’s head, and was born after the French colonized in the mid-1830s entered Algeria, according to “” from explanations on the Internet about the origin of the word, the most famous of which is that the French forces came to Algeria with the “guillotine” used. To cut off the head of the person sentenced to death, and with it, a man named “Ben Zloof Abdul Qadir bin Dahman” was beheaded. In 1842 he was sentenced to death for a crime he had committed, and “Buzlov” gave birth to a reference to the severed head.

We also find that “Zalf” is also a Syriac word, referring to the aesthetics of things, and we hear it in many popular songs in Syria and Lebanon, such as the one in which a man flirts with his beloved and calls her “Umm Al-Zalf”, meaning the many beautiful features, but the most famous is the one in which the beloved flirts with her absent lover, and in a manner A little sad, very similar to the style of songs known as Fado in Portugal, she tells him:

No way, O Bu Al-Zalf, my eyes, Molya… My heart is my wish with you. Do not deny me
Oh sweet Haji, you are stealing a nap from me… the misery has rebelled against me in your absence from me.
We used to sing in the nights of “Naka” on our nights… I never came back after meeting I saw you with my eyes