archyworldys Egyptian media woman flirting with the Moroccan national team goalkeeper on the air..and warning female fans: I hold you responsible for anything that happens to him!

Al-Marsad newspaper: The media, Yasmine Ezz, spoke during an episode of her program “Kalam al-Nas” about Yassin Bono, the goalkeeper of the Moroccan national team, saying: “A simple call and request from my beloved and my beloved are some of the girls. normal.”

And she continued: “Let the man focus on his work, group..not like that, group..yes, the boy is handsome and Jean, God willing, he is long with a show, and he deserves to take the title of the whole World Cup man.

Leave the man alone

And she added: “So, please, group, leave the man in his condition. How did you know? I knew.. I knew that you followed him and followed his wife.

I hold you responsible for any need that happens

And she continued: “I hold you responsible for anything that happens with Yassin Bono, the next match, and then Mbappe will not be merciful.. Let him focus and pray for him, may God grant him success on the field, God willing, and outside the stadium and with his beautiful wife, Iman.. It does not mean that his wife told her for 4 years that she did not upload any picture of them On Instagram or on any of the social media sites, if she does not like him, and this speech, sir, may be a light star and she is afraid of envy for him..Maybe the woman is afraid of her husband being envied, so we learn from her, learn from her instead of bullying her.