WATCH: Dante Vanzeir scores (and misses) in US Cup | MLS

A few days after his return to the American football league, Dante Vanzeir (25) has found his way to goal again. He scored in the cup against Cincinnati, but also missed a penalty kick.

Last weekend came Dante Vanzeir back from suspension, tonight he came back into favor with the supporters of New York Red Bulls.

With a volley in extra time, he forced extra time in the 1/8th finals against Cincinnati.

An old acquaintance had opened the score for the visitors. Yuya Kubo (ex-Ghent) made it 0-1 with a long shot just before half-time.

Dante Vanzeir’s late equalizer:

With 1-1 on the board, extra time was involved. They yielded nothing, the American football fans were allowed to prepare for penalty kicks.

This is where things went wrong for Dante Vanzeir. He was allowed to take the first one New York Red Bullsbut kicked in too softly.

Vanzeir was the only one to miss from the spot, his team lost the penalty shootout 3-5.

Revenge in the league against Seattle next weekend?

Dante Vanzeir’s penalty miss: