Watch.. the first picture of the Egyptian wife who wrote letters on her husband’s grave..and reveals the secret of her loyalty to him

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian woman, Marwa, who has been visiting the grave of her late husband for months, has written letters to him, and her story caused a sensation, revealed details about her life and the reason for her complete loyalty to her late husband.

She explained that she met her late husband when he was working in radio engineering on television in 2012, during their participation together in a political party, pointing out that he was friendly, kind and humble, according to “Al Arabiya”.

She added that he chose her from among others who wanted to marry him, while their engagement did not last more than 3 months.

She also mentioned that their lives lasted 8 years, during which she lived unforgettable times, stressing his good morals and good qualities.

She recounted that he was good in dealing with her family, loving her family despite his heart disease, stressing that the late had unforgettable situations with the family.

She revealed that her husband had a heart disease, because of which he needed to undergo a delicate surgery at the Dr. Magdi Yacoub Institute in Aswan, south of Cairo, and when they traveled to perform the surgery, he did not miss the opportunity and arranged for her a tourist program to visit all the city’s landmarks despite his illness and severe fatigue, in order to calm her down. It reassures him of his health.

She added that he was very tired because of his illness until he died after surgery, and after his departure about 4 days, I started visiting his grave and writing letters.