Watch.. The head of the Referees Committee reveals a surprise about the goal of victory in cooperation.. and sends a message to Musli Al Muammar!

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Manuel Navarro, Chairman of the Referees Committee of the Saudi Federation, confirmed that Al-Nasr’s second goal against Al-Taawon was correct, denying the influence of Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo on the goalkeeper, noting that arbitration errors do not affect the results in the league.

Manuel Navarro said in statements on the “Action with Walid” program: “We are happy and optimistic about what the referees provide in the Roshen Saudi Professional League. Certainly mistakes happen, but they do not affect the results of the matches. Even in the Qatar World Cup 2022 there were arbitration errors through mouse technology. And now we see what is happening in the English and Spanish leagues.

And he continued: «Ronaldo’s position did not affect the goal, because the cooperation goalkeeper did not have the ability to move, and if the goalkeeper was standing, the matter would be completely different and at that time the effect would be clear from Ronaldo, and the goalkeeper could reach the ball, so these are the reasons why we say that the goal is correct. And it is natural for the referee to be repeated for a specific club, and this is something that happens in all the world’s leagues.

He concluded: «We are always in contact with the clubs, and they contact me if arbitral errors occur, whether in their headquarters or in the Saudi Football Association, and I will meet with the president of Al-Taawun Club, stressing that I do not know anything about the tweet of the president of Al-Nasr Club, Musli Al Muammar, but I thank his confidence in the referee. Saudi Arabia, and this makes me happy and means that I and all the work team are on the right path.