Watch .. the reaction of an Iraqi teacher towards her student after he cried in front of the blackboard because he was unable to write

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip spread on social media showing what patience and perseverance can be achieved by teachers with their students.

The video showed an Iraqi child in a school crying when he stood in front of the board because he was not good at writing what his teacher asked of him, saying, “What is wrong with me, by God, what is wrong with me,” so the teacher replies: “By God, you know you are good.”

The video documented the child himself smiling in his class after learning to write, as his teacher asked him to open his notebook and write a specific number, so he obeyed while smiling. After his success, the teacher asked his classmates to applaud him.

The pioneers of the communication sites, who transmitted the video, praised this teacher, whose patience and perseverance led to the development of the child’s educational abilities and support his self-confidence.