Watch .. two fans looking for “beer” and were surprised to enter the palace of a Qatari sheikh! • Observatory Newspaper

Exclusive translation: Two England fans revealed that the son of a sheikh of Qatar hosted them in his palace in Doha.

Alex Sullivan and his friend known as “John” indicated that they were looking for beer, and ended up hosting them in a luxurious mansion after they reached it by chance. by “metro”

In one of the videos, Alex can be seen sitting outside under floodlights next to what appears to be a set of football nets with a group of men dressed in traditional Qatari clothing.

John said: “Last night we met one of the sons of the sheikhs, and he hosted us in the palace, and there were electronic games, and a little lion, and then he took us in his car to take us to our residence in Doha.” He continued, “They made us very welcome, there is nothing better than this.”