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Watch what Android permissions you grant to your applications


When we install an application on Android, usually through Google Play, we are asked if we accept the installation And, in addition, we see a list that says something like "this application can access." There it is detailed Telephone components and information to which that application will access.

They are also visible in the application tab, in Google Play, if we click on See details under Permissions.

Android permissions have a reason to be, limit access of applications to certain elements, such as the camera or microphone and according to what information, such as our contact list, our messages or our browsing history.

Nevertheless, we do not always look in that list of permissions. Normally it should not be a problem, because Google Play applications are reviewed periodically, but this is not the first time we have learned apps removed for abusing of these permits and that they have stolen data of the telephones where they were installed or something worse.

Surprise updates

Another detail to take into account. It is possible that Android permissions requested by an application change between versions adding or removing permissions. In this sense, if you care about your privacy, maybe you want manually update the applications.

To disable automatic updates of applications, we must enter the Play Store, open the menu and then Settings> Update applications automatically and click on Do not update applications automatically.

This precautionary measure has a good and a bad side. You will avoid surprises with the permissions but you must remember to update your applications from time to time

So if you want to disable the automatic update only in certain apps, the least reliable, you can do it from Play Store> Menu> My applications and games> Installed. We click on the application in question, then on Plus and uncheck the box Update automatically.

A look at the permits

The Android permissions of installed applications are visible at any time from the tab of each application.

Just go to Settings> Applications, select each application separately and then click on Permissions. In Android 6.0 and later versions it is possible to mark and uncheck manually the permits in case of doubt.

Then, if the application needs to access that permission to work, it will ask us again.

Another possibility is to see this information organized according to what permission is used. Since Settings> Applications> Application permissions or from Settings> Privacy and security> Application permissions, according to the Android version, we will see the available Android permissions and what applications make use of each one.

That an application request certain permits it should not trigger our alarms unless we are surprised that, for example, a game uses the calendar or contact list, or that an application to activate the flashlight asks for access to the microphone to the camera.

Spend a minimum of time occasionally is more than enough to check Android permissions from time to time and confirm that the applications do not abuse the access to the information stored in our smartphone.

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