Water crisis, Fontana declares a regional state of emergency until 30 September

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Lombardy Region on alert for the water crisis. Today the president Attilio Fontana today signed a decree with which he declared the “regional state of emergency “ which will remain in effect until 30 September.

The decree “recommends that all citizens use water resources in an extremely economical, sustainable and effective way, limiting their consumption to the bare minimum”.

In addition, the Region makes one available to the mayors of the Lombard municipalities ordinance scheme (integral part of the decree), on water saving and limitations for the use of drinking water, recommending its adoption, except for any additions to it based on the specific context and the effects of the water crisis in the respective territories.

The decree recommends that the Municipalities of the Region limit the use of drinking water as much as possible for activities for which it is not necessary to use it (such as street washing, irrigation of public parks and sports facilities such as football fields, tennis, golf, etc.) but also underlines, in relation to the current situation, the need for the competent bodies to implement the actions necessary to contain and reduce the consequences of the water crisis in progress, including the activation, where possible, of alternative sources of water supply “.

The deed signed by Fontana also provides that “in the catchment areas of Lombardy the irrigation utilities granted, both relating to surface and underground waters, must be managed sparingly; in particular, in order to ensure maximum exploitation of the available irrigation water resource, the concessionaires of irrigation users will give priority to the irrigation service taking into account the crops and their phenological phase “.

The concessionaires of irrigation utilities will have to evaluate “the activation by their own consortium members of awareness campaigns for the prudent use of water resources oriented towards satisfying the real irrigation needs of crops “and” all irrigation users subject to the monitoring obligations provided for by Dgr 6035/2016 will have to intensify the frequency of data transmission to the Water and Rural Territory Data Center which manages the regional monitoring system ” .

Finally, the decree contains the request to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Department of Civil Protection, to formalize the establishment of a permanent control roomjoint between the State and the Regions, for the monitoring of the water crisis at the national level and for the preparation of actions aimed, on the basis of the evolution of the water severity scenarios in progress, at adequately coping with the emergency situation “.

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