Water pipe burst, turned to battlefield

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The incident occurred on the night, at 00.30, on the Youth Street separating the Gebze district Güzeller Mahallesi and Arapçeşme Mahallesi.

The main pipe through which the drinking water passes burst for an unknown reason. The waters gushing from the pipe overflowed the street. Citizens immediately informed the authorities while the streets and houses were flooded. In a short time, ISU officers, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality fire brigade teams and police were dispatched to the scene.


While dozens of houses were flooded, fire crews came to the rescue of the citizens. Firefighters tried to evacuate the water that fills the houses. Due to the sand and mud flowing to the streets, cleaning teams sweated for a long time. A giant hole was formed on the road.


Firefighters continue to work to drain the water that fills the streets, streets and houses. (IHA)



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