– Watered a lot of water – VG

GANGSTER CURRENT: Yosef Wolde-Mariam (left) and Herman Flesvig

«Houston we have a problem», melder Herman Flesvig i en Instastory.

– We filmed in the studio out at Fornebu today, after about a third of today’s recording, there was a leak from a pipe or something like that. The fire service is now investigating what has happened, says the series’ producer Jenny Vuong.

Yosef Wolde-Mariam, known from Madcon, is the creator of this autumn’s major investment “Flus” from NRK, together with Mikael Samuelsen.

The cast includes comedian and actor Herman Flesvig, who was most recently featured on NRK with the comedy series “The First Time Service”.

Now the recording of “Flus” is well underway. Flesvig has even posted on Instastory from the recording.

Monday was no exception. The comedian posted a video around 12:45 of water cascading in from the wall in the studio where they recorded today.

“Houston we have a problem”, Flesvig writes in the post.

The water cascaded into the studio at Fornebu on Monday.

– A lot of water flowed in here. But it was completely undramatic and no one was hurt. We do not quite know the cause, but will think it has something to do with the storm.

Vuong says it seems they managed to save the equipment.

– We have a fantastic team that is on the ball. But some of the equipment has not been checked yet.

Now they are continuing to record outdoors, while waiting to find out if they can return to the studio during the day.

– There are scenes that were planned for after we had been in the studio, so we can at least use the time.

She points out that it is a bit early to say how this will affect the further recording of the series, but says they aim to finish the recording before the summer.