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Watertown Daily Times | Northern New York newspapers where the recycling day takes place

On the occasion of Earth Day, the New York New York newspapers and Jefferson Community College celebrate their first Recycle Newspaper Day on April 22.

From 9 am to 4 pm, parishioners can bring their papers to the Watertown Daily Times offices, 260 Washington Street, Watertown, the Courier Observer and Ogdensburg Journal, 1 Harrowgate Commons, Massena or St. Lawrence for recycling. Plaindealer, 1 Main Street, Canton. Each resident who brings newspapers receives a free gift of recycled paper seed that can be planted in his garden.

Alec E. Johnson, Editor-in-Chief of the Watertown Daily Times, said the newspaper recycles tons of newsprint every year, and that the newsprint on which the newspapers and weeklies are printed consists of largely recycled content.

"It is conceivable that the newspapers returned by the public might be sent to a mill and recycled into newsprint, with which we will later print a new paper," he said. The newspaper uses soya-based inks and is seriously considering polluting the environment when ordering consumables for their press rooms in Watertown and Massena. "We look forward to opening our doors for the return of newspapers," said Johnson. "We have a semitrailer for recycling at our Watertown plant. Let us fill it up. "

Pamela J. Dixon, a public relations specialist at Jefferson Community College, said staining is a core value of the institution.

"We strive to use resources responsibly to balance our economic, environmental and social practices and policies," said Ms. Dixon.

In 2018, Ms. Dixon said the college's EverGREEN committee implemented a program to improve campus recycling. These included: centralized and improved recycling stations across the campus, trash cans in all classrooms and offices replaced with disposable recycling bins, reduced consumption of plastic bags by eliminating office and class cans, and improving recycling awareness through training for students, faculty and staff.

"By sponsoring events such as the Recycle Newspaper Day, our efforts continue to grow on campus and in our community," said Ms. Dixon.


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