WattsUp tests a feature that bans a common procedure through its application


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WattsUp tests a feature that blocks users from performing a common action through their application

New reports indicate that WattsUp is working on an update that may prevent users from capturing "screenshots" of their conversations via the application.

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WattsUp is constantly updating its application by adding new features. According to WABetaInfo, which has revealed the next feature, the world's most popular application, which is used by more than 1 billion people every day, is currently testing a fingerprint security feature, Allows users to authenticate the fingerprint within the app, which means that the user will have to clear his fingerprint to access the conversations.

The application will be fully protected through this feature disclosed by the site "WABetaInfo", since last January.

This feature will appear to block "screenshots" of user conversations, as WABetaInfo has revealed that the trial version of the application for Android smartphones will prevent users from capturing an image of the application screen that contains the conversations.

The Web site said it did not know why WattsApp decided to add this feature to the application, especially as the lock feature, which requires fingerprint scanning, makes conversations safe.

The fingerprint authentication feature is still in development, but will be available in future versions of the application.

It is also not known when the app will allow the blocking feature to capture screenshots of the conversation screen "screenshots".

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