Donald Trump has tried to deny having used this expression Thursday, January 11, at a meeting at the White House with members of parliament and on the issue of immigration, acknowledging only have had a language “hard” reports the Washington Post, nothing did.

Because the democratic senator present at the meeting in the oval Office, Richard Durbin, of course, and confirmed the words “full of hatred, vile and racist”, as he says to the Washington Post, adding that he did not believe his ears.

The reactions are not made wait. Friday 12 January, the representation of american, Washington, of the fifty-five member countries of the african Union (AU) has given voice and asked “apology”, tells of the site of the BBC.

Recalling the past slavery of the United States, the spokesperson of theAU, Ebba Kalondo said that the remarks of Mr. Trump’s “to dishonor the very principles of the United States and their tradition of respect for diversity and human dignity.”

Since Dakar, the senegalese president Macky Sall has published a tweet outraged, and summoned, as has happened in Botswana or in Haiti, the u.s. ambassador in the country.

soon after, in the day of Friday, the us ambassador to Panama, heralded for its part in his resignation, relates the site to the Spanish El Nuevo Herald

Although this diplomat, John Feeley, does not mention the scandal during his resignation occurs a day after it broke out, says the journal. And his letter indicates that he was involved “to serve faithfully the president (…), even without agreeing with certain policies” , but that the day had arrived for having “resign in the name of [its] principles.”

In el Salvador, a country recently described by the expulsion programmed by 2019 200 000 migrant salvadorans present in the United States, the official reaction has been slow in “waiting prudent,” according to the authorities, a press release from the White House that would clarify or démentirait” the words of Mr. Trump, reports the american site of expression to the Spanish Univisión.

A poor image

“no one will come to save us from racism, Mr. Trump” , prevents, for its part, a writer of haitian origin in the New York Times. Because, she says,

The president is not the only one to have such a poor opinion of developing countries. It has not unveiled a new form of racism, all he did was, once more, that reveal a latent racism, which has existed for a long time.”

Port-au-Prince, the site of the weekly Le Nouvelliste urges for his readers to “wake-up”. It is useless to try to explain to Mr. Trump the history of the links and of the interbreeding that unite Haiti and the United States of america since very long years : “it would not include anything”, insists the author. It is better to try to change the poor image that reflected the american president, asserting that “everyone has their part to do to wipe the unacceptable insults of a racist.”

Sabine Grandadam

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