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Ways ensure you digest food smoothly

Many people suffer from digestive problems, which leads to metabolic dysfunction, known as metabolism, through which food is converted into energy that enables the body's organs to function.

Here are 10 ways to boost metabolism to make your body work more efficiently and reach your weight-loss and fitness goals faster, Health and Pretty said.

Eat full meals

People usually eat less because they do not want to gain more fat, but eating a little food is not good for health, because it will slow down the vital processes of your body and lower the energy level.

Drink green tea

People usually choose coffee or tea, and only focus those who want to lose weight on green tea. Experts recommend green tea for its role in promoting metabolism and helping digestion.

Playing sports

Daily exercise is very good for health, it promotes metabolism and keeps the body in good condition during the day. But you should not practice violent sports, and you will need to take a fair amount of exercise daily or weekly.

Use olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil increases serotonin in the blood, a hormone linked to satiety. Virgin olive oil also contains antioxidants that help fight many diseases, such as cancer, osteoporosis and brain deterioration

Eat an egg daily

Eating a whole egg daily is very useful for you. Sulfur contains many nutrients that stimulate metabolism, including fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Drinking milk

Nutrition experts recommend drinking milk did not have a large role in converting fat to sugar very quickly, which in turn turns into energy that gives the body sufficient capacity to perform the daily tasks.

Eat whole grains

Studies have found that eating longer, such as oats, brown rice and grains, helps maintain metabolic rates better than foods that can be digested quickly.

Stand 3 hours working

Sitting on an office chair for at least 7-10 hours every day, is unhealthy. Overall, you should stand at least 3 hours each day to maintain smooth metabolism.

Eat garlic

Usually garlic adds more flavor to some dishes, and if you add garlic to foods high in fat and carbohydrates, it will work to reduce the negative effects in the body.

A few chocolates

People believe that chocolate may increase body fat, while that may be true in reality, but chocolate has significant benefits in boosting your metabolism and gives you a boost of energy.



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