Ways to maintain the physical and mental well-being of cats

Cats, felines that every day conquer a new home, in addition to being one of the favorite pets since ancient times due to the benefits for human health and the economy that their expenses represent compared to dogs, They not only have a single date to celebrate their existence, but in the animal calendar they occupy three international days. On purpose, This Saturday one of these world holidays is commemorated, especially in Japan.

These ‘kitties’, as they are colloquially known, and in general, pets, they are considered as “children” by the new generations. In fact, it has been shown that young people include in their life plan the conformation of a home preferably with pets.

According to Kantar World Panel 3,692,365 households in Colombia have pets, of which 22.3% have cats. Traditionally these animals are recognized for being independent and mysterious, even at first glance it might seem that they are not very affectionate, extremely reserved and that their indecipherable character can sometimes be a barrier to building an affective relationship with their owners.

However, cats are the favorite animals to turn into pets, since they help reduce human diseases such as stress, reduce cortisol levels, as well as are associated with lowering blood pressure, decrease the risk of suffer from cardiovascular diseases, develop asthma and allergies and strengthen the immune system.

The reality is that, although they do not need as much attention or sociability as dogs, each cat is different and also requires special care and affection so that they feel loved and important in the life of their owner or family. Regarding this first international cat day, Alimentos Polar Colombia shares five ways to express to your feline how much you love him.

Set aside a few minutes a day for play

Although cats seem less playful than dogs, they also need a dose of fun in the company of their master. In times when teleworking is a constant, take advantage of being at home you can spend at least 30 minutes a day to play with your pet.

This space It will strengthen their emotional bond and help to keep them active, fit and improve their behavior, Since cats when bored they usually show signs of bad behavior. You can even link your pet’s toys or scratchers to this routine, so that they don’t use them alone.

Monitor cleanliness

Care of feline hygiene is paramount to maintain your well-being, not only because it is important to your health, but because is part of his character and contributes to your good mood.

Although by natural instinct these animals are very neat, the master must be aware that the environment and utensils such as the sandbox are in perfect condition for your use. It is not necessary to change the litter every day, but it is necessary to collect the stools daily.

When talking about cleaning as a way of showing affection, you can’t ignore brushing. This should be an act that is repeated at least once a week depending on the type and length of the coat. This action will help remove knots and hairballs, and is also a way to stimulate blood circulation.

Indulge yourself with food

Finding the best food for your cat is another way of telling him that you love him through care and well-being. Although these animals have behaviors in common, they have different personalities. By identifying the behavior that your pet has, you can know what type of food he needs.

“Cats that love to explore and be on the go should ideally eat special pet food restless and adventurous that bring them L- Carnitine that helps power generation. If, on the other hand, your cat is calm, it is suggested that he consume foods rich in yeast that help to strengthen the immune system, since when they are inactive they can get sick more easily. For those who protect their space and are usually always located in the same places, the recommendation is that they consume special food for cats sedentary and territorial, this helps them control their weight, while giving them the energy supply they need, and it also provides natural antioxidants “, he says Andrés G. Marcano, veterinarian and manager of Animal Consumption Development and Polar Food Proteins.

Create a safe environment

Cats are usually very alert to any movement, or noise, but, just as they are awake, they are also nervous. For this reason, so that he feels that he is in a quiet place and feels welcomed must build a pleasant environment.

This is achieved, for example, placing your bed in a quiet place where you feel protected, it can be for example under a table. Locate the sandbox in a secluded area where there is no greater traffic of people so that the pet feels that this is a unique and intimate space. Even to make you feel more comfortable, every time you want to charge it, crouch down so you can see it and don’t catch it off guard.

Learn to read the signs to pamper yourself

Cats need and enjoy petting, but not all the time. If your cat looks for you, leans its body against you, purrs, lies on its back showing its belly, licks it, among others, it is crying out for your attention and asking for your consent. Learn to read their body language so you know when their expressions of affection will be welcomed.


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