WD Net89 Trading Robot Facts, From Crypto Coins, Lip Service to Member Complaints

ABOUT CIBUBUR – Net89 is one of the trading robots declared illegal by the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA).

Finding this situation many members want to withdraw the funds they have invested or withdraw / WD.

The management of Net89/PT Simbiotic Multitalenta Indonesia (SMI) then announced the procedure for withdrawing their customers’ funds.

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What is the WD procedure offered by Net89 and how is it implemented? Here are the facts summarized around

1. Net89 announced the WD procedure, Tuesday 8 February 2022. In the announcement
Members are given two choices of two WD All options. First WD All to then convert to USDT or BTC crypto coins.

For this first option, there are documents circulating on how the WD mechanism can be carried out at 4 partner brokers, namely Max Global FX, Global Premier, Zen Trade, Bethle Aster.

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Both WD all for later converted to Infinity Plus. It is not explained what Infinity Plus is, but from searches around, Infinity Plus is a crypto mining entity managed by Andreas Andreyanto, who is also the CEO of PT SMI.