We all have Amália in our blood – Amália Rodrigues and the fado scene – Arte de – October 6, 2022, 05:00

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Thursday 06 October • 05:00


Amália Rodrigues and the fado scene



Her unmistakable and varied voice brought her great success: Amália Rodrigues. The death of the Portuguese fado singer in October 1999 sent a whole country into mourning. Because Amália is considered the greatest Portuguese singer of the 20th century – the queen of fado, the Portuguese song of longing. To this day, it is considered the national symbol of Portugal.
Why can millions of people identify with their singing? Amália’s successors provide answers: Mariza, Cuca Roseta, Diana Vilarinho, Ricardo Ribeiro, Lizzie Levée and Maria Carvalho live in Lisbon, Berlin and Paris. As Fadistas, they are inspired by Amália’s music and let Fado live on with their very personal interpretations. They report on their paths in life and their love for their music – because a fadista never sings a song or a poem without telling about his own life…
The different interpretations of the artists illustrate the diversity of the genre, which is no longer exclusively characterized by sadness. How has the style of music, originally from the slums of Lisbon, changed since Amália’s death? And: To what extent are Amália’s works still an important source of inspiration? The documentary explores Amália’s world and sheds light on fado’s enduring fascination.




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