We are all victims of the Iranian regime, by Négar Djavadi – Liberation


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The powerlessness of Iranians outside, as well as the political, social and personal violence that Iranians inside suffer, are part and parcel of the same totalitarian will forged in ideology and terror, according to the writer .

Since September 16, 2022, since the name of Mahsa Amini joined the tragically long list of those who have lost their lives by Iranian power, it is impossible not to hear the sound of the revolt of the Iranians who, day after day, sets the country ablaze from side to side. The scream of women, bareheaded, beaten by the armed militia. Their cry of joy when they swing their veil to the fire. The classical or revolutionary songs that they sing while for a woman to sing alone is an offence. To these sounds must be added images. Raw or chaotic, a snapshot or a video of a few minutes. Sparks in a dark sky spilled on social networks to bear witness to the terrifying violence of the regime, but also to show in broad daylight the intoxication of freedom and power, certainly ephemeral, but found; a young woman standing on the bonnet of a car with her fist raised, another dancing around the fire, a grandfather who encourages youth. To protest too, facing the camera, by roughly cutting his hair …