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"We are always the first!", Marseille becomes the first French club champion in Europe

Alexandre Camarasa in 2014. The Poloist is an emblematic player in the circle of swimmers. – ATTILA KISBENEDEK / AFP

  • The Schwimmerkreis won the European Cup this Saturday, which equals the Europa League in water polo.
  • He is the first French club to win this title.
  • A true pride for the Marseillais Alexandre Camarasa, the club's historic Poloist.

It becomes a specialty of Marseilles. After football and the hand Marseille intervenes a little more in the history of European sport and becomes the
first French club to win the Euro Cup, the equivalent of Europa League in water polo. the
Circle Swimmers won this title in a tight final against the Montenegrins. Marseillais Alexandre Camarasa, a longtime polo player in the club and captain of the French team at the Olympic Games in Rio, returns for 20 minutes with a certain euphoria about this victory.

Yesterday evening, shortly after the end of the game, you tweeted "Forever first". So you follow in the footsteps of the Olympians of 1993?

(laughs) It's my side of Marseille that stands out. But we can do that in parallel with OM. We are the first French club to win this European title and that is in Marseille! When I see this Gaudin, the mayor of my city, he tweets us … What a pride! I am a pure product Marseille. I was born there, doing my sport and decided to stay in this club to have this title. It is absolutely beautiful, also for the club, the staff, they put the money for it. It is a good reward.

Do you realize that you are entering the history of your sport?

At the moment I do not know too much … I feel like a game like any other, it's just another win. It is something incredible. Last night we were very wise, I slept a little bit. Tonight we celebrate in the Circle with family and friends. For me, it rewards so many training, victims, to win a title. It's a great result. I especially hope that there will be other ideas, that it will show other teams and other clubs that this is possible and that sometimes it felt like it was complex other nations. Maybe we will develop in this sport thanks to this title.

And to make known a little bit more water polo?

Yes, it would be nice if this title created a certain imitation and would make known this little-known sport, especially in Marseille. And it's hard to grow up behind OM even for me, who is a fan of OM. But Marseille has a good team of water polo players and you are European champion there. We too are the first ones forever! Now we stay focused and hope to win the championship!




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