We are in the midst of a national emergency. Labor would stop rising energy prices this winter

It’s hard to imagine after another scorching weekend, but it won’t be long before we have to start turning up the heat to keep us warm on those cold winter nights.

But this year it will be different, with Brits facing another eye-popping rise in gas and electricity prices that will make us all think twice.


Right now, millions of people, including young families and retirees, will not be able to afford to turn on the heating at all.

I will never forget the woman I spoke to in my constituency in Leeds West earlier this year, who had frozen hands and purple fingers because her pension was not enough to pay for the heating.

And that was before prices went up.

People are scared of how they will make ends meet over the winter with record numbers of people pushed into fuel poverty.

And they worry about their friends and loved ones who might struggle more than most.

We are in the midst of a national economic emergency.

But the Labor Party says enough is enough.

We have the choice. This Conservative government can continue to let the oil and gas giants make huge profits while workers and retirees suffer.

Or we can do something about it.

The job would prevent energy prices from rising this winter by freezing the price cap, saving the average household around £1,000.

We would pay for it by taxing oil and gas producers properly, by closing the loopholes that the Conservatives were happy to close.

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The £29billion plan will also reduce inflation, making future interest rate hikes less likely and easing the burden on households and businesses.

But we must solve the energy crisis for good.

We would insulate every home that needs it to reduce bills with our Warm Homes Plan.

And we would take Britain out of expensive foreign gas – investing much, much more in local, cleaner energy such as solar, wind, hydrogen and nuclear.

This is the only way to ensure that the British will never face such an energy price crisis again.

We’ve had 12 years of Conservative government failing to secure Britain’s energy supplies, leaving bills higher and our country less secure.

Labor’s plan would end price hikes now, reduce inflation and create cheaper, cleaner energy for the future, helping people through the winter and laying the foundations for a stronger economy and more sure.

Only Labor can give Britain the fresh start it needs.