We are not interested in being heroes, only being recognized by you

A doctor from Bouquet Roldán Hospital denounced the “lack of doctors “ that is in the institution and assured that already last March when it was decided that they would receive patients with coronavirus, the request had been made to add more professionals.

The doctor Alejandra Sagarna said that after the request for supplies and personnel to face the pandemic, the masks, chinstraps, oxygen tubes arrived and even nurses joined, but nothing was heard of more doctors.

“A colleague had to stay on guard 36 hours and we covered the potholes between us. We knew that at some point someone could catch it, and that the service would suffer even more,” Sagarna said in statements to LU5, where he also said that he would have liked the health minister, Andrea Peve, to come out and say that “the hospital had to be closed for 24 hours as it would have shown that it cared about its staff.”

Sagarna reported that one of the doctors has been infected with coronavirus and she has been at her home since last Thursday after having crossed into a guard for what she is doing a preventive quarantine. In this way, the few professionals who already had the service today meet two fewer doctors, which further alarmed the doctor who also made a release through her social networks.

In his Facebook account Sagarna published a letter to Minister Peve where she said that the doctors are “highly exposed”, as are their families. “Fewer and fewer doctors want to make guards without discriminating service, since they prioritize human quality, they put a 12-to-24-hour confinement in the balance versus the low monetary value for carrying out this work,” he assured.

“Without mentioning the physical and mental fatigue that is felt, as a consequence of the realization of so many guards to have a salary that allows us to face the daily needs in our lives, but in this situation no one from the team expressed any complaint, but rather that On the contrary, he gave and will continue to give his best because it is what we know how to do and what we love to do, “said the doctor.

And he added: “We are not interested in being heroes, only to be recognized for being health professionals, something that is highly underestimated and discredited by you and all the driving that goes with it,” he said to the minister. Sagarna asked Peve in his letter “not to treat them as liars” and to ask for “apologies”.

What the Minister of Health said

At the press conference that Governor Omar Gutiérrez gave on Tuesday along with several officials from his portfolio, Peve answered about the situation reported by the doctor.

“In relation to health personnel, there is very strong work done from day zero. There is no answer, each person can express themselves, there is no problem in the hospital where she works, only a coworker who tested positive,” he said. the minister.

“I want to thank the health personnel in relation to another type of work that they have to do, which is to work in the community,” he said.



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