We are not no vax, the doctor told us to wait to vaccinate him

The man is vaccinated, as are his wife and two other children. The son, Lorenzo Gazzano, suffered from epileptic seizures. The doctor of the Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin tells Fanpage.it: “Muscle tissue destroyed with infection”.

“Since he was suffering from seizures, we consulted a doctor who told us to wait” to vaccinate him. So Simone Gazzano, Lorenzo’s father, the 10-year-old child who died of Covid in Turin, yesterday January 25, yesterday in the intensive care of the Queen Margherita, due to Covid. The little boy did not suffer from any serious pathology. He wasn’t vaccinated, but his entire family is. “We are not a family of no vaxes, on the contrary: as soon as we could we all had the vaccine, we and our other two children. been vaccinated. He could have taken Covid like many others and overcome it. Instead, that’s how it went, “says Mr. Gazzano.

Lorenzo’s drama

The child lived in Nucetto, in the province of Cuneo, where the family runs a bar, now “closed for Covid”. As well as the village school. Lorenzo was still fine on Friday. On Saturday morning, however, he did a swab, which tested positive; Sunday afternoon he began to feel bad: fatigue, fever, muscle aches, nausea. He was taken to the Mondovì hospital at 4 in the morning on Monday, where they immediately understood that he had to be urgently transferred to Regina Margherita.

How the baby died

“The child arrived in the early hours of Monday morning and his condition immediately appeared important – explains to Corriere della Sera, Patrizia Fusco, director of the complex of Pediatrics at the Mondovì hospital – he had severe pain and, after the exams, it was understood that there were injuries to the muscles. We knew it was positive because he had already had a tampon at home – continues the pediatrician – and, having made all the tests and therapies to stabilize it, at around 9 he was transferred to the Regina Margherita, the third level center for the assistance of patients with important pathologies “. At the Turin pediatric hospital everything possible was done to save Lorenzo’s life, but it was not enough.

“Genny killed by the vaccine”. the girl’s dad against no vax: “They weren’t there when she died”

“The fact that this child had Covid is a certain fact – the Professor explains to Fanpage.it Franca Fagioli, Director of the ‘Pathology and Care of the Child’ department at the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin – and it has happened that this child, with ongoing viral infection, rarely happens, had a complication called acute rhabdomyolysis, something that it is possible that it also happens with other viruses and very serious trauma. Muscle tissue was destroyed by the infection and this caused the release of toxic substances, which led to cardiac arrest. “

Nucetto remembers the little ‘Lollo’

Everyone in Nucetto knew Lorenzo, known as Lollo. “In our country he was like the sun” says the mayor ” Enzo Dho. “It was the joy of living embodied. He greeted you with such a splendid hello, it made you feel good.” To remember it is also the parish priest, Don Roberto Fontana, who speaks of a “sunny, cheerful, smiling and carefree boy.” He had made his first communion last
year with eight other boys and was an assiduous altar boy at Sunday morning mass “, he adds.

Turin prosecutor’s office opens a case on tragedy

In the meantime, the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a registered case without suspects and without the hypothesis of a crime in the case. It is, they say, an initiative with consequences of the report by the health company, which was thus able to carry out the necessary investigations. At the moment, no further preliminary activities are planned.