“We are on the right track” in the fight against Covid-19

The numbers are going in the right direction“, declared Yves Van Laethem, the interfederal spokesperson for the fight against Covid-19 during the traditional press conference this Friday.

We are happy to be able to say that the rate of contamination, hospitalizations and deaths continue to decrease. They halved from the peak of wave 3“, he added. In summary,”we are reaping the fruits of the vaccination campaign“.

And to add: “We are on the right track, but we are not out of the hostel yet, the virus is still circulating.

Less than 75 admissions per day at the beginning of June?

Selon Yves Van Laethem, “there is a relative rejuvenation of the population of infected, hospitalized and deaths even if these are less numerous“.

This is a logical effect of vaccination: the elderly who were the first to be vaccinated against Covid-19 are also the first to be adequately protected.

We could arrive at the beginning of June at these famous less than 75 admissions per day which had been taken up as an important criterion of the good evolution of the epidemic in our country.“, added the doctor.

The goal of fewer than 500 intensive care beds occupied by Covid patients could be reached at the end of next week.

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