“We are probably in the eye of the storm”, confides the president of the Chartres commercial court

“I took up my duties as president of this court in January 2020. Six weeks after my installation, the President of the Republic decreed an initial confinement, the consequences of which we were not yet able to anticipate. Beyond the health disaster, one of its consequences has been to weaken the economy, ”said François Robinet, president of the Chartres commercial court, at the opening of the solemn return of the Chartres court, Friday at the end of afternoon.

“Business leaders must come as soon as possible”

In front of a reduced audience to respect security protocols and barrier gestures, François Robinet gathered around the consular magistrates, the representatives of the bar, Rémi Coutin, public prosecutor of the judicial court of Chartres; Yannis Bouzar, sub-prefect and director of the office of the prefect of Eure-et-Loir; Christophe Le Dorven, president of the Department and several mayors, Luc Lamirault, deputy, lawyers and decision-makers from the Eurelian economic world.

The president of the Chartres commercial court calls on companies to come and see him in the event of difficulty

Two years later, the president of the commercial court makes the natural observation that the policy of whatever it costs has borne fruit and the number of business failures was still low in 2021 compared to a normal year: “ But all economic players are well aware that we are probably in the eye of the storm and that the disturbances will be all the greater when all these support actions come to an end. In addition, the price of energy, the cost of raw materials and the paradoxical shortage of labor risk hindering a healthy recovery of economic activity,” he warned.

François Robinet, president of the Chartres commercial court, welcomed the drop in business failures in Eure-et-Loir in 2021 but said that we must remain very vigilant after the withdrawal of massive government aid.

François Robinet recalls that although companies do not currently have cash flow problems, this masks more structural difficulties: “This is why one of our main lines of work has been, is and will be to communicate with the heads of company on the need to anticipate their difficulties and make them aware of the support that this court can provide them through amicable procedures, and invite them to come and see us as soon as possible. I remind you that the procedures of the ad’hoc mandate and the conciliation are strictly confidential. »

800 leaders summoned

The President of the Commercial Court raised the problem of company managers who do not file their annual accounts as required by law: “This year, we have further strengthened prevention-detection by injunctions to companies that do not file their annual accounts. This is how nearly 800 leaders were summoned to regularize their situation. Recalcitrants were sentenced to penalty payments which were liquidated up to €500 per year. In addition, and since January 1, 2022, the commercial court has also become competent to hear disputes between craftsmen. The judges also hope to intervene in the affairs of the agricultural world and the liberal professions.

The number of business bankruptcies has fallen in Eure-et-Loir, but the future remains very uncertain

But if the year 2021 was very calm on the front of insolvency proceedings in Eurelian companies, the month of December saw a slight increase in the number of failures of local companies. “But overall this resembles the general situation in France”, concludes François Robinet.

In numbers

175 collective proceedings in 2021. A figure down by 6% compared to 2020 including 4 safeguard proceedings, 45 receiverships (-21%), 57 judicial liquidations (+46%) and 69 simplified judicial liquidations (-22%).
619 judge-commissioner’s orders. 201 judgments with a significant extension of the duration of the pretrial and the duration of the deliberations, because there were fewer judges available during the Covid.
66 prevention appointments, 7 ad hoc mandates and 9 conciliations.