“We are ready for anything”: The inter-union warns the prefect

Towards a major social conflict?

The inter-union assured the state services that the discontent movement would harden on Friday at the end of the parliamentary shuttle and foresees a deterioration of the social situation in Reunion: “We told the prefect that from Friday, the situation could become tense in the department and that the government would bear full responsibility for a conflict if the situation deteriorates.“.

The unions recall having maintained calm for several weeks of actions all around Reunion but assure that the social climate is likely to be much more tense in the coming days: “We made 8 correct mobilizations and demonstrations without overflow. But given the stubbornness of the government, which wants to push through its project, the employees are ready for anything and do not rule out any form of action..”

The inter-union assures that it will not let go even after the parliamentary work: “The President of the Republic does not want to listen to reason when we are the ones who produce wealth in this country, so we must remain mobilized until the end!