We are what we give. We are love. Lent and Easter 2023


At the beginning of Lent we can have the feeling that it is “one more year”. Once again we are invited to follow the Lenten journey both individually and as a community.

It is important to experience that the closest community (parish community) and the ecclesial community put themselves at the same disposition, at the same starting point.

But the “one more year” can betray us. The repetition, the attempts, the experiences of previous years can weigh on us. On the contrary, the opportunity that is offered to us is to fill us with illusion and be willing to make a path.

Having a new opportunity is a gift. We are surrounded by situations that do not give us opportunities, that the end is marked by conditions or circumstances.

Let us remember the thousands of children who suffer from hunger, of those who have received the sad news of being evicted from their homes, of those who are at war, of whom the new and desired opportunities pose high risks to their lives (this is how those who have passed from one continent to another in the boats…). Therefore, having an opportunity is a gift that makes us more human, according to God’s plan.
proposed to all humanity.

We must fill the opportunity with a very special content to live it as such. Cáritas proposes an initiative that is at the center of the Gospel: giving love. This is how we will see it on the Lenten path.

To Jesus of Nazareth, “giving love” led him to the cross. He will show it to us in the different Gospel passages that we will read and listen to throughout Lent.

We will culminate this path in the celebration of the Pascual Triduum.
He, Jesus, will also teach us that Love can be expressed with different words; all will help us internalize the depths of love.


  • February 22: Ash Wednesday
  • February 26: First Sunday of Lent
  • March, 5: Second Sunday of Lent
  • March, 12: Third Sunday of Lent
  • March, 19: Fourth Sunday of Lent
  • March, 26: Fifth Sunday of Lent
  • Penitential celebration of Lent
  • April, 2: Palm Sunday
  • April, 6: Holy Thursday
  • Holy Hour
  • April, 7: Good Friday
  • Way of the Cross
  • EASTER 2023
  • April, 8: Easter Vigil
  • April, 9: Easter Sunday
  • April, 16: Second Sunday of Easter
  • April, 23: Third Sunday of Easter
  • April, 30: Fourth Sunday of Easter
  • May, 7: Fifth Sunday of Easter
  • May, 14: Sixth Sunday of Easter
  • May, 21: Ascension of the Lord
  • May, 28: Pentecost
  • June, 4: Holy Trinity
  • June 11: Corpus Christi