We can ask for help for the rise in mortgages

The deputy of Podemos in the Regional Assembly, Rafael Esteban, warned yesterday about the consequences of the rise in interest rates approved this week by the European Central Bank, “a blow that is going to mean about 170 euros a month for those who have a variable-rate mortgage” and, as a consequence, “a significant rise in evictions if the administrations do not help people.” In this sense, Esteban recalled that “most of the powers and funding are in the hands of the regional government.”

Esteban has demanded that regional president Fernando López Miras “assume his responsibilities once and for all”, launching “a specific line of aid in the 2023 Budgets for families affected by the rise in mortgages.” “We cannot allow this region to go through the drama that we already experienced after the bursting of the real estate bubble,” they maintain from Podemos.