“We can feel Service Canada’s incompetence”

Many travelers seeking to obtain their passports in time to travel are still queuing up at Complexe Guy-Favreau in downtown Montreal. One of them does not hesitate to criticize the way he is treated.

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“We feel Service Canada’s incompetence. Since Sunday 1:30 p.m., [que j’attends]it is inadmissible, ”said the exasperated man to TVA Nouvelles.

There are still several citizens who have spent the night outside in the hope of obtaining the precious document in time.

This morning, a Service Canada agent came out to talk to people. “Our goal is to ensure you serve all Canadian citizens who are here today. A team from Passports Canada will come out with bibs that will answer your questions and, depending on your situation, enter certain information. Throughout the day we will communicate information. Thank you for your patience and rest assured that we are here for you today.

Despite the federal employee’s message, citizens who sent in their passport application several months ago and who still have not received a response remain dissatisfied with the services offered by Service Canada.

“It’s been at least six months since I made the request and I still haven’t received anything”, drops one of them.

“I’m leaving today at the end of the day and it makes no difference. If you have an appointment, you pass, if you don’t have an appointment, you wait until the end of the day,” another man explained.