“We cannot think of defending culture without including those who have been overlooked”

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Grandstand. Last week, we signed a column on the silence and oblivion that surrounded the world of culture in this sad period of health crisis and forced inactivity.

This forum focused on two decisive points. She asked for a great emergency plan for culture in which we could read clear guidelines and take into account the specificity of short contracts, since the vast majority of us work “on mission”.

This column was published by the newspaper the world then on the France Inter site, making public authorities react. Last Wednesday, the President of the Republic made announcements.

The announced measures partly met the expectations of the world of cinema. Particularly when they raised issues already under study before the Covid. As for the other arts, they were disappointing, and approached with a form of lightness incommensurate with our concerns. Because a thousand and one areas of vagueness persist, opening up to an infinity of questions. What was presented last Wednesday is not at all a big emergency plan, a costed plan that gives everyone a clear direction. Everyone will therefore continue to live in an uncertainty that will extend from health point to health point.

But what is more serious, the urgency of the human and social question, which was at the heart of our forum, has not been treated seriously.

With regard to the 122,000 intermittent performers, “artists and technicians”, we sincerely hope that behind the “White Year” formula, the President of the Republic hears the same thing as we do, and that the terms of application which will be developed by the various ministries will not play on words: it is not only the rights that must be extended until August 2021 to save all intermittent workers, it is the renewal of anniversary dates. We also hope very much that the announcements that have been made will provide a livelihood for all artists and authors who do not benefit from the intermittency system, as there are many questions about them. How long “Declared self-employed artists” are they supposed to live on the 5000 euros that were mentioned? Four months, eight months, a year? It’s obviously not the same thing at all. And the vagueness is just as great for all those who, among us, are paid in fees or on account. What livelihoods are guaranteed for them?

Worse yet, not a word was said – neither by the President of the Republic, nor by the Minister of Culture, nor by the Minister of Labor, nor by the Minister of Economy and Finance – concerning the situation of all people on short contracts who work with us. They are part of “Invisible” from the world of culture. They do not benefit from any special scheme for unemployment insurance, unlike the intermittent workers in the entertainment industry. Their life is made up of alternating working and non-working periods, they often go from city to city, because they go from contract to contract. Those are the “Extras”, temporary workers, seasonal workers, all those who work intermittently, in hotels, restaurants, cleaning, catering, maintenance, security, transport of things or people, etc. Since March 15, they can no longer work and recharge their rights to compensation. Their allowance days are running out day by day, some have already switched to RSA, all will end up doing so if their situation continues to be overlooked. They are the ones who are on the brink, the ones for whom it is most urgent that the Ministry of Labor take the measure consisting in freezing the capital of the days of indemnities that they had left on March 15, to resume none only when they can work again. For all of them, it is absolutely necessary to neutralize the period of forced inactivity linked to the pandemic. And we must remove the second part of the unemployment reform planned for September which would completely destroy them.

We clearly asked in our gallery that their situation be taken into account. The only thing last Wednesday that we heard unambiguously is that the silence about them has not been broken.

We have been hearing this silence for almost eight weeks.

We hear the denial of their situation.

The government has taken the obvious and necessary measures to finance the short-time working of employees in stable jobs, it has never yet said a word to organize the survival of these people who, like us, work “on the project”.

When we sign a book in a bookstore, when we organize an exhibition, when we settle in a village or the district of a city to shoot a film, when we land somewhere for a festival, when we play a play in a city then in another, when we take back our guitars, our violins, our microphones, our dance shoes or our absence of dance shoes, to discover a new lodge, or a new bar where to have a drink, when we go in schools, hospitals, or prisons for workshops, because many of us already do so, we also travel from city to city, and we share all the moments of creation and dissemination of our works with these hundreds thousands of people the government refuses to consider.

We consider abandoning them to their fate in this appalling time is unworthy. We cannot think of defending culture without thinking of theirs.

List of signatories Saturday at 4 p.m.

List of signatories Saturday at 4 p.m.

Dominique A, singer; Lionel Abelanski, actor; Mona Achache, director; Mouloud Achour, founder of Clique TV; Caroline Adrian, producer; Abd Al Malik, singer; Francisca Alvarez, dancer; Marie-France Alvarez, actress; Mathieu Amalric, actor and filmmaker; Maud Ameline, screenwriter; Danielle Arbid, director; filmmaker; Shirel Amitay, filmmaker; Annouchka de Andrade, director Amiens International Film Festival; Hélène Angel, filmmaker; Angèle, singer; Cédric Anger, filmmaker; Fanny Ardant, actress and filmmaker; Swann Arlaud, actor; Yan Arlaud, chief decorator; Cynthia Arra, casting director; Ariane Ascaride, actress; Marion Aubert, playwright; Jacques Audiard, filmmaker; Naidra Ayadi, actress and director.

Cécile Backès, director; Clémentine Baert, actress, director; Jeanne Balibar, actress; Olivier Bardin, visual artist; Gaël Baron, actor; Antoine Barraud, director; Matthieu Bareyre, filmmaker; Michel Barthélémy, chief decorator, president of the ADC; Luc Battiston, filmmaker; Stéphane Batut, casting director and director; Eric Baudelaire, artist; Nathalie Baye, actress; Gaëlle Bayssière, producer; Emmanuelle Béart, actress; Alex Beaupain, musician; Frank Beauvais, filmmaker; Philippe Beck, poet; Ramzy Bedia, actor; Pierre Beffeyte, President of the Avignon Off Festival; Bérénice Bejo, actress; Leïla Bekhti, actress; Jérôme Bel, choreographer; Lucas Belvaux, filmmaker; Samuel Benchetrit, filmmaker and writer; Jean Benguigui, actor; Rahma Benhamou El Madani, filmmaker; Nawel Ben Kraïem, singer; Anne Benoît, actress; Saadia Bentaïeb, actress; Houda Benyamina, filmmaker; Emmanuelle Bercot, filmmaker; Marc Berdugo, producer; Donia Berriri, musician; Luc Besson, filmmaker; Shanna Besson, still photographer; Juliette Binoche, actress; Benjamin Biolay, musician and actor; Mathilde Blanc, actress; Philippe Blancher, actor; Jacques Bonnaffé, actor; Olivia Bonamy, actress; Bertrand Bonello, filmmaker; Isabelle Boni-Claverie, screenwriter; Teyo Bonin, filmmaker and director; Damien Bonnard, actor; Jérôme Bonnell, filmmaker; Catherine Boskowitz, director; Lucie Borleteau, filmmaker; Nicolas Bouchaud, actor; Elodie Bouchez, actress; Antoinette Boulat, casting director; Ludovic Bource, composer; Louise Bourgoin, actress; Sandrine Bourgoin, script; Benoît Bradel, director, director of the Festival Passages; Marie-Pierre Brêtas, filmmaker; Geneviève Brisac, writer; Stéphane Brizé, director; Serge Bromberg, producer; Patrick Bruel, singer and actor; Bénédicte Brunet, editor-in-chief, director; Mikael Buch, filmmaker; Jackie Buet, Director of the Créteil International Women’s Film Festival; Fanny Burdino, screenwriter; Claire Burger, filmmaker; Rodolphe Burger, musician.

Olivier Cadiot, writer; Judith Cahen, filmmaker; Océane Caïraty, actress; Robin Campillo, filmmaker; Guillaume Canet, filmmaker and actor; Laurent Cantet, filmmaker; Sylvie Capdeboscq, puppeteer; Marie Cariès, actress; Isabelle Carré, actress; Jauris Casanova, actor; Luciana Castellucci, actress; François Chaignaud, dancer and choreographer; Lolita Chammah, actress; Caroline Champetier, director of photography; Judith Chelma, actress; Julien Cheminade, actor; Jeanne Cherhal, singer; Malik Chibane, filmmaker; Alain Choquart, author, director; Samuel Churin, actor; Hélier Cisterne, director; Charlotte Clamens, actress; Jonathan Cohen, actor; Michael Cohen, actor and filmmaker; Etienne Comar, filmmaker and producer; Hubert Colas, director; Jean-Louis Comolli, filmmaker; Cyrille Comte, actor; Catherine Corsini, filmmaker; Marion Cotillard, actress; Camille Cottin, actress; Nicolas Courret, musician; Lorella Cravotta, actress; Marc-Benoît Creditor, producer; Cendrine Crebassa, musician; Lola Creton, actress; Olivier Cruveiller, actor.

Sandra Da Fonsesca, producer; Jean-Pierre Darroussin, actor; Emmanuel Daumas, actor / director; Judith Davis, director, actress; Françoise Davisse, director; Chantal De la Coste, director; Vincent Dedienne, actor; Vincent Delerm, singer; Annabelle Delestre, business manager and association treasurer; Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota, director; Anaïs Demoustier, actress; Stéphane Demoustier, filmmaker and producer; Catherine Deneuve, actress; Roland Depauw, actor; Caroline Deruas, director; Alex Descas, actor; Marie Desgranges, actress; Laurent Desponds, actor; Frédérique Devoulez, director; Emmanuelle Devos, actress; Adeline D’Hermy, actress; Emilien Diard-Detoeuf, actor and director; Marcial Di Fonzo Bo, actor and director, director of the Comédie de Caen; Alice Diop, filmmaker; Mati Diop, filmmaker; Louis Dodin, stage manager; Valérie Donzelli, actress and filmmaker; Julien Doré, singer; Samuel Doux, screenwriter, director; Valérie Dréville, actress; Arthur Dreyfus, writer; Léa Drucker, actress; Emérance Dubas, director; Caroline Dubois, still photographer; Riton Dupire-Clément, chief decorator; Arnaud Dupont, actor; Julie Dupré, editor; Jean Pierre Duret, sound engineer, Nicolas Duvauchelle, actor.

Aurélie Edeline, actress; Virginie Efira, actress; Mohamed El Khatib, director; Vincent Elbaz, actor; Romie Estèves, lyric artist.

Philippe Faucon, filmmaker; Cécile Felsenberg, artistic agent; Sophie Fillières, director; Emmanuel Finkiel, filmmaker; Yaël Fogiel, producer; Marina Foïs, actress; Judith Fraggi, assistant director; Pierre François, dramatic critic; Manuela Fresil, filmmaker; Catherine Frot, actress; Dominique Frot, actress.

Lola Gans, producer; Laure Gardette, chief film editor; Louis Garrel, actor, director; Laurence Gavron, director, writer; Yves-Noël Genod, director; Aurélia Georges, filmmaker; Marianne Germain, production manager; Céleste Germe, director, Das Plateau collective; Andy Gillet, actor; Marie Agnès Gilot, star dancer; Anne Girouard, actress; Delphine Gleize, filmmaker; Christelle Glize, actress; Bertrand Gore, producer; Grand Corps Malade, slameur, filmmaker; Denis Gravouil, director of photography; Eugène Green, filmmaker; Charlotte Grenat, singer; Anouk Grinberg, actress; Jean-Claude Grumberg, playwright; Vincent Guédon, actor; Jean-François Guerlach, actor; Éric Guirado, filmmaker; Cerise Guyon, scenographer.

Joana Hadjithomas, filmmaker and artist; Christophe Hamaide-Pierson, visual artist; Barbara Hannigan, soprano and conductor; Jérôme Hankins, Artistic director of Tool Company; Zita Hanrot, actress; Jean Hatzfeld, writer; Jennifer Have, screenwriter; Michel Hazanavicius, filmmaker; Judith Henry, actress; Clotilde Hesme, actress Mikhaël Hers, filmmaker; Julien Hirsch, director of photography; Sofia Hisborn, actress; Sylivie Hoarau, songwriter and performer; Dominique Hollier, translator; Christophe Honoré, filmmaker; Aline Huber, sound engineer; Isabelle Huppert, actress; Jean Paul Hurier, cinema mixer; Hyphen Hyphen, musician.

Axel Ibot, dancer; Irene Jacob, actress; Abel Jafri, actor; Agnès Jaoui, actress and filmmaker; Dag Jeanneret, actor; Gisèle Joly, translator, actress; Khalil Joreige, filmmaker and artist; Arly Jover, actress; Anne-Gaelle Jourdain, actress.

Cédric Kahn, director; Sarah Karbasnikoff, actress; Sam Karman, actor, director; Reda Kateb, actor; Sandrine Kiberlain, actress; Thierry Kiffa, director; Jérôme Kircher, actor; Antoine Kirscher, dancer; Thierry Klifa, director; Philippe Kotlarski, editor; Gérard Krawczyk, filmmaker; Diane Kruger, actress; Nathalie Kuperman, writer; Maxime Kurvers, director, scenographer.

Vincent Lacoste, actor; Jean-Baptiste Lafarge, actor; Geoffroy de Lagasnerie, philosopher; La Grande Sophie, singer; Nino Laisné, director; Nadine Lamari, screenwriter; Jeanne Lapoirie, chief operating officer; Eric Lartigau, filmmaker; Nicolas Lasnibat, filmmaker; Christophe Lavalle, actor, director; Denis Lavant, actor; Benjamin Lazar, actor, director; Amanda Lear, singer; Patrice Leconte, director; Vincent Leenhardtt, actor; Renaud Legrand, actor; Xavier Legrand, actor and filmmaker; Gilles Lellouche, actor and filmmaker; Valérie Lemercier, actress and filmmaker; Alain Lenglet, actor; Blandine Lenoir, director; Pierre Léon, filmmaker; David Lescot, author and director; Cécile Leterme, actress; Louise Leterme, lyric singer; Vincent Leterme, pianist; Olivier Letellier, director; Nathalie Levy-Lang, actress and screenwriter; Katia Lewkowicz, actress and filmmaker; Florence Loiret-Caille, actress; Lome Pal, rapper; Julie Lopes Curval, filmmaker; Louane, singer, actress; Edouard Louis, writer; Etienne Louit, stage manager; Germain Louvet, star dancer; Virginie Lovisone, director; Marie-Ange Luciani, producer; Elise Luguern, music supervisor; Lina-Camélia Lumbroso, actress; Teddy Lussi-Modeste, filmmaker; Noémie Lvovsky, actress and filmmaker.

Madjo, songwriter; Gaëlle Malandrone, actress and director; Abramowska Malgorzata, assistant director, still photographer; Gérald Maillet, actor; Maïwenn, actress and filmmaker; Cyril Mallet, musician; Yohan Manca, actor, director; Vincent Maraval, producer; Stéphanie Marc, actress; Hugo Marchand, star dancer; Martine Marignac, producer Félix Maritaud, actor; Pio Marmaï, actor; Sébastien Marnier, filmmaker; Caroline Marre, actress, singer; Laure Marsac, actress; Julie Marteau, costume designer; Stacy Martin, actress; Céline Martin-Sisteron, actress; François Marthouret, actor; Daniel Martin, actor; Pierre-François Martin-Laval, actor and filmmaker; Laurence Masliah, actress; Valérie Massadian, filmmaker; Carole Masseport, singer; Jean-Charles Massera, artist, writer; Chiara Mastroïanni, actress; Xavier Mathieu, actor ex CGT spokesperson for the Continental; Claire Mathon, director of photography; Laure Mathis, actress; Nicolas Maupin, electro chef; Audrey Maurion, editor; Nicolas Maury, actor; Olivier Mauvezin, sound engineer; Mathilda May, director; Patricia Mazuy, filmmaker; Bernard Mazzinghi, actor; Nicolas Mesdom, filmmaker; Mesparrow, singer; Nathalie Mesuret, producer; Jean-Christophe Meurisse, director, director, Les Chiens de Navarre; Sylvie Meyer, director; Patrick Mille, actor; Christiane Millet, actress; Valérie Minetto, filmmaker; Madame Miniature, sound designer; Nadir Moknèche, filmmaker; Dominik Moll, filmmaker; Mathilde Monnier, choreographer; Chloé Mons, actress, singer; Yolande Moreau, actress, director; Malvina Morisseau, actress; Thomas Morris, lyric artist; Anna Mouglalis, actress; Valérie Müller Preljocaj, director; Sarah Murcia, musician; Pascale Murtin, Department Store collective; Yael Naim, singer; Géraldine Nakache, actress; Olivier Nakache, filmmaker; Isabelle Nanty, actress; Olivier Neveux, Professor of theater studies; Pierre Niney, actor; Anna Novion, filmmaker; Bruno Nuytten, filmmaker.

Grégoire Œstermann, actor; Ornette, singer; Valérie Osouf, director.

Géraldine Pailhas, actress; Maya Paquereau, actress; Mélanie Parent-Chauveau, script; Célie Pauthe, director; Marie Payen, actress; Manu Payet, actor and humorist; Vincent Peirani, musician; Antonin Peretjatko, filmmaker; Elisabeth Perez, producer; Corine Péron, production manager; Yann Perreau, author; Raphaël Personnaz, actor; Jean-François Peyret, director; Claude-Alice Peyrottes, director; Nicolas Philibert, filmmaker; Sylvie Pialat, producer; Marie Piemontese, actress, director; Frédéric Pierrot, actor; Patrick Pineau, director; Géraldine Pochon, actress; Bruno Podalydès, filmmaker; Denis Podalydès, actor; Maëlle Poésy, director; Matt Pokora, singer; Matthieu Ponchel, photographer and director; Michel Portal, musician; Sébastien Pouderoux, actor; Jean Baptiste Pouilloux, filmmaker; Julien Poupard, director of photography; Joana Preiss, actress; Angelin Preljocaj, choreographer; Eddy de Pretto, singer; Jérôme Prieur, writer and filmmaker.

Katell Quilévéré, filmmaker.

Tahar Rahim, actor; Jean-Luc Raynaud, director; Arnaud Rebotini, musician; Antoine Reinartz, actor; Eric Reinhardt, writer; Robin Renucci, actor, director; Jean-Michel Ribes, director and director of the Théâtre du Rond-Point; Nathalie Richard, actress; Zofia Rieger, musician, actress; Alexandre Roccoli, choreographer; Charles Roger, actor; Damien Rondeau, interior designer; Alejandra Roni Gatica, musician; Brigitte Roüan, actress and filmmaker; Christian Rouaud, filmmaker; Pierre Rochefort, actor; Richard Rousseau, casting director; Micheline Rousselet, theater critic; Jean-Paul Rouve, actor, director; Liliane Rovère, actress; Didier Ruiz, director.

Agnes de Sacy, screenwriter; Ludivine Sagnier, actress; Marlène Saldana, actress and choreographer; Joachim Salinger, actor; Julie Salvador, producer; Pierre Salvadori, filmmaker; Karine Saporta, choreographer; Marjane Satrapi, filmmaker and author; Éric Savin, actor; Julien Schickel, chief editor; Guillaume Schiffman, cinematographer; Wagner Schwartz, choreographer; Franck Schwarz, chief decorator; Anne Sée, actress; Emmanuelle Seigner, actress, singer; Laurent Sénéchal, editor; Claire Sermone, actress; Coline Serreau, director; Léa Seydoux, actress; Isaac Sharry, producer; Judith Siboni, actress, author; Morgan Simon, filmmaker; Jean-François Sivadier, director; Patrick Sobelman, producer; Mar Sodupe, actress; Béatrice Soulé, producer; Anne Suarez, actress; Brigitte Sy, director, actress; Omar Sy, actor.

Flore Taguiev, actress; André Téchiné, director; Sarah Teper, casting director; Alexandre Tharaud, pianist; Raphaël Thiéry, actor; Antoine Thirion, programmer and film critic; Christopher Thompson, filmmaker and actor; Pascal Tokatlian, actor; Eric Tolédano, filmmaker; Philippe Torreton, actor; Marion Touitou, casting director.

Anne-Louise Trividic, screenwriter.

Marine Vacth, actress; Dominique Valadié, actress; Arnaud Valois, actor; Calypso Valois, singer, actress; Marina de Van, filmmaker; Cécile Vargaftig, screenwriter; Marie Vauzelle, author, director, actress; Véronique Vella, actress; Sarah Vermande, translator; Aurélien Vernhes-Lermusiaux, filmmaker; Marie Vialle, actress; Tatiana Vialle, director; Karin Viard, actress; Vanina Vignal, filmmaker; Catherine Vinatier, actress; Maxence Voiseux, director; Colia Vranici, assistant director.

Virginie Wagon, filmmaker; Gérard Watkins, author, actor, director; Anne Weil, editor; Mathilde Weil, actress; Amélie Wendling, translator; Woodkid, musician, director; Maud Wyler, actress.

Souheila Yacoub, actress

Jonathan Zaccaï, actor; Malik Zidi, actor; Rebecca Zlotowski, filmmaker

By a group of personalities from the world of culture



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