We couldn’t fire rockets because of a plane taking off

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The Executive Agency for Hail Control contacted Plovdiv24.bg in connection with our material from yesterday, entitled “Outrage after the disaster in Asenovgrad: Typically in Bulgarian – after a rain hood!”.

Here is what the institution says:

On June 25, 2021 in the late afternoon in Southern Bulgaria a powerful hail cloud formed. At 6:30 pm northwest of Asenovgrad, in the village of Popovitsa, protected by the Regional Directorate for Fighting Hail (RDBG), a cloud cell was registered in the initial stage of development. 3 rockets were fired.

At that moment, the Center for Coordination for the Use of Airspace issued a ban on shooting due to the take-off of a plane from Plovdiv Airport. The ban was lifted at 19:08, but the cloud cell has already reached the hail stage and has very high radar characteristics, typical of coarse-grained hail with a grain diameter of more than 2.0 cm.

Although the cultivation is restored, its development is not affected by sowing. There is no methodology in the world that can prevent the already formed hailstones that fall to the ground. Therefore, the processing of clouds begins at an early stage of development, in order to create conditions for the city’s grains not to grow to large sizes.

With the ban on shooting, the cloud cell follows its natural development cycle, as a result of which intense and large hail falls in Asenovgrad, causing damage to the infrastructure. A total of 186 rockets were fired from the RDBG in the village of Popovitsa between 6:30 pm and 9:03 pm.

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