we counted the flashes

Revealed on Wednesday, the track explored on Place Beauvau would consist of no longer deducting points for an excess of less than 5 km / h. If the measure were applied, there is no doubt that it would delight many road users. And in particular those taking the A31 daily in Metz. Because in addition to the fixed boxes installed for almost 20 years in the crossing of the Moselle capital, two other radars came out of the ground a few weeks ago.

These are the famous Alice radars, these large mobile boxes that we see (or not) on construction sites in particular. And if they are “famous”, it is because those installed since the beginning of April on the Metz-centre interchange bridge would be extremely efficient. Linked to consolidation work on the said bridge, they would have flashed all over the place and led to a flood of discontent. At least that was the case in the days following their commissioning. Beyond the speed used to sanction (70 km / h in an area already limited in normal times to 90 km / h), it was the location that annoyed. In particular that of the radar positioned in the direction Nancy-Metz, which flashes the users of the motorway but also those borrowing the way of insertion.

Wise users and radars at rest

So, we went this Sunday afternoon near the exchanger, to see what was going on after almost two months of operation. And this May 29 was not so trivial: certainly it was a day of the Lord but this Sunday was above all synonymous with the return of the Ascension weekend. A long weekend with… the Friday bridge inviting you to get away. Without forgetting Mother’s Day which also encourages people to travel.

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In the absence of figures from prefecture 57, although requested on several occasions, we had fun counting the number of flashes for an hour, on this Sunday afternoon. And, surprisingly, nothing! Noah! No sign of life from either box. To believe that they too were resting on this weekend like no other. We thought, however, that some were going to be entitled to their little mail, since they seemed to be driving fast: these few delivery vans, these two or three heavy goods vehicles in the refrigerated trailer. Or the driver of this beautiful Italian, stamped with the seal of the Prancing Horse and the small yellow plate well known in this part of the territory. We also thought that some tourists from neighboring countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, etc.) were going to get caught. Not even !

“However, the radar was working fine the other day between noon, what did it flash! says Paul, a 50-year-old who walks his dog Iola on the way to the body of water, near the highway.

“We are pigeons! »

“Me, I was fooled the first week: 71 km/h instead of 70! “, grumbles on his side Malika, while her husband takes a photo of the radar through the sheet metal panels protecting the machine from view. “It’s still not normal: it’s an acceleration lane to get on the A31 (in the Nancy-Metz direction), we’re pigeons! »

Still, the problem should arise less if the 5 km/h rule is applied. Even if we continue to pay the fine and that by then, the site radars will have disappeared. Normally !