“We do everything that we can, and then, Renault wants to let go of us ? “

In France, the mobilisation is organised among the workers of Renault to Maubeugein the north of the country.

This Friday, they learned with dismay that the group plans to close their factory.

This Saturday, they organized a march to demand the maintenance of the site.

At the head of the procession, side by side with union leaders, there were several local elected officials.

It must be said that the economic impact is huge : over 2000 people are employed in the Renault plant of Maubeuge.

It is the “Chinese” of the Renault group, this is what we are told, loose a worker in anger. We do everything that we can, and then, Renault wants to let go of us ? It is a sense of foutage of mouth !

Me, I’m sad, adds another employee of the factory. We would never think of it 20 years ago, even yesterday. Yesterday, I thought not !

Mobilization in Barcelona

The mobilization is also organized in Barcelona in Spain. There, it is the factory Nissan, which is to be ordered. And as to Maubeuge in France, there are thousands of families that are impacted.

The loan of 5 billion

The Renault-Nissan alliance has presented earlier in the week a new strategy to decrease costs, in order to remain competitive.

This is to produce less and differently. And this requires a redefinition of the production sites.

The anger of the employees of the Renault is so much more intense than the renault brand has been promised a loan guaranteed by the French State of € 5 billion.


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