We do not expect cookies, but help, Zelensky said, announcing an important visit

The Ukrainian president held a large press conference in the Kiev metro. A place that has become one of the symbols of war. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the Kievans have been hiding from the Russian bombing. The underground network serves as a shelter even when the metropolis ceased to be the center of the Russian attack.

Volodymyr Zelensky in the subway, surrounded by Ukrainian flags, announced that a three-month-old infant had died in Saturday’s Russian shelling of Odessa. “Stinking bastards,” Zelenskyj commented on the behavior of Russian soldiers. According to him, air strikes in the southern Ukrainian city killed 8 people.

He threatened to withdraw from negotiations with Russia

He reiterated his call on Russian President Vladimir Putin for diplomatic talks. According to him, the war can only be ended by the one who started it. He himself is said to be determined to continue the talks, however difficult it is to prevent the deaths of other Ukrainian children.

Yet he is unwilling to negotiate with Russia under any circumstances. “If our people are killed in Mariupol, if a pseudo-referendum is declared in the occupied territories, Ukraine will withdraw from the negotiation process,” Zelenskyj said.

The last place of significant Ukrainian resistance in Mariupul are the Azovstal steelworks. Ukrainian sailors, border guards or police, as well as members of the controversial Azov Battalion, gathered there. According to Kiev, about a thousand civilians remain there at the same time.

The Azov Battalion released a video on Saturday in which women and children are crammed into a crowded room and complain that they are running out of food and water. “We have not seen the sky or the sun since we arrived. We really want to get out of here. We wish it was safe for us, no one was hurt, “said a little girl in the BBC footage. However, the station was unable to verify the authenticity of the video.

Russian President Vladimir Putin this week ordered the army to stop attacking Azovstal, but at the same time ordered it to continue blocking the area so that “not a fly” would get there. In fact, it means that the people who stay there have decided to starve.

“Whoever is in the senses will not use nuclear weapons”

According to Zelenský, Moscow’s current approach shows that Russia does not take diplomatic negotiations seriously. “Their steps show that the negotiation process has so far been fiction and political theater,” Zelenskyj said at a briefing in the Kiev metro.

Journalists also asked him about the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, as Moscow has indicated several times. “I don’t think a mind-conscious person could consider using a nuclear weapon. It is only possible if someone loses touch with reality, “Zelenskyj replied.

Zelensky praised the help that Ukraine is receiving from the West. “We have seen a change in the attitude of our partners, especially in the speed of aid coming from the United States,” the president said, adding that he would, of course, prefer Ukraine to receive even heavier and stronger weapons.

If the words matched the deeds, Zelensky believes that Ukraine will soon achieve the liberation of its territory. New arms deliveries have recently been announced, for example, by the United Kingdom, which is preparing to send drones or anti-tank missiles to the country.

Zelensky also announced that United States Foreign and Defense Ministers Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin will arrive in Kiev on Sunday. It will be the first visit of such high-ranking members of the US government to the country since the beginning of the Russian invasion. “I hope that the President of the USA will visit us when the situation changes,” Zelenskyj added.

According to him, Ukraine welcomes similar visits, but must not come empty-handed. “We do not expect cookies, we expect concrete help,” he said. “We are not a country where people take tragic selfie. That’s not what we’re after. “

War in Ukraine

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