Technology "We do not intervene when there are overlapping lines"

"We do not intervene when there are overlapping lines"


With strict punctuality and with the well prepared presentation, Velasco Carvallo, president of the Technical Committee of Referees, presented an analysis as comprehensive as benevolent of the arbitration performance in the first half of the season. According to the direction of the Spanish referees, the performance is hardly improvable, with success rates close to full. "The referees make mistakes and the Var is not perfect & rdquor;, said Velasco at a given moment, in a coup of reality for those who, intrigued in the cloud of explanations, could have come to think that perfection is within reach.

In the midst of the exaltation of his own work in the Super Cup, among other things for having implemented in the television broadcast basic information on what the VAR checks, something that seemed natural from the beginning. Also for the “Justice & rdquor ;, He said, he was taught in the semi-final Barça-Atlético de la Supercopa. “Without VAR, the classified would have been another. We point out an offside that was millimeter & rdquor;Velasco said in the statement with more certainty of noon in Las Rozas.

Overlapping lines

Always with the intention of avoiding commenting on specific plays, the goal annulled outside Vidal in the Super Cup overflew the conference room on issues regarding these millimeter actions: “When a second forward or one back in the image changes the lines, when they are almost superimposed, our order is not to intervene & rdquor;Velasco explained. “Although they seem millimetric, the corrected gameplay were with a clear and manifest image, no doubt & rdquor;, ratified below.

Among the innumerable controversies that arose after video arbitration proceedings, which Velasco dispatched with a classic argument: “It is anecdotal when someone goes out to say that we have succeeded & rdquor;, which exempts the group from any of its mistakes.

General satisfaction

In the analysis of the performance in La Liga, nothing changes for the Technical Committee of Referees: satisfaction and on the way to zero error, without more criticism than the "not having properly taught the criteria they follow with their hands", said Clos Gómez, in a memorable performance according to his own criteria.

The figures presented are still really incredible: The Committee recognizes seven failures in 425 penalty moves in First Division, in which the VAR should have intervened, or intervened without the play deserving it. In the end, the numbers show more than 98 percent of success in penalties and almost a 96 percent offside that squeaks before anyone who follows the championship regularly.



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