“We do not know the effectiveness” of the Russian vaccine, explains infectious disease specialist

Should we believe in the announcement of Vladimir Putin, who claims that Russia has developed a vaccine against the coronavirus? “Like everyone, it is not clear exactly how effective this vaccine is and how safe it is since we did not have access to scientific data “, explains Anne-Claude Crémieux, who recalls that for other vaccines,” we could appreciate through scientific publications the results of the first phases of introduction into humans “.

According to the infectious disease specialist, the WHO does not have the means to judge insofar as it does not have access all the data concerning the efficacy of this vaccine, that it is “experimental data in the macaque monkey which gives a first idea of ​​the effectiveness […] or whether it is data from the first human introductions that are important to verify safety“.

At the technological level, “it is not an aberration”

Anne-Claude Crémieux specifies, however, that the technology used for this vaccine is also used by other manufacturers. The method consists of using “another virus which serves as a vector for the part of the coronavirus which will trigger the immune and protective response, it is hoped, in humans […] Technologically, this is not an aberration“, estimates the doctor of the Saint-Louis hospital.

On the other hand, it emphasizes the character “unusual“because the scientific data has not been made public.” One has the impression that basically, they will skip a phase […] where the vaccine is administered to several thousand or even tens of thousands of people, and where this vaccinated group is compared to an unvaccinated group to really prove the efficacy of the vaccine“, concludes the professor.

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