Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, National leader of Morena, assured that the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador did not disqualify his proposal because he never suggested publicizing the people’s heritage; instead he said that he does seek that the Inegi, by constitutional mandate, measure the concentration of wealth and generate public policies to end inequality.

“The President He did not refer to my proposal, because my proposal does not say anywhere that the heritage of the people will be disclosed, no. Mine is totally clear in the sense that people’s assets must continue to be protected in the Privacy and according to the laws that we have at the moment for the rights of people, there is absolutely no discussion, what we are looking for is for there to be an autonomous body like the Inegi, which now already measures the income and spending of people and also measures the income of the middle class, have the constitutional mandate to measure the concentration of wealth, “said the also licensed federal Morena deputy.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, Ramírez Cuéllar assured that he does not seek to go against businessmen or members of private initiative, but he did accuse the holders of great fortunes, the billionaires of this country, of a campaign to disqualify his proposal. .

“It is the great fortunes that have unleashed all this controversy, the great billionaires, not even the millionaires, the billionaires, those who have billions of dollars are the ones behind this campaign, they know very well that what they say is not it is true, they are more concerned about their wealth being studied and because I am proposing to change article 31 of the Constitution to establish fiscal progressivity, ”he explained.

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He said that it is very good that the controversy has been generated, because for the first time attention is being paid to the excess wealth in Mexico, and this debate is very positive, he said, since the concentration and power of the great fortunes and the enormous inequality in Mexico are beginning to be observed. “The great fortunes of our country could have greater solidarity being discussed. It is not possible that 1% owns 50% of the national wealth, this generates a great deal of polarization and a great social fracture ”.

And does this not mean going against the business class?

“No, no, no … this is the most important discussion that is taking place in the world right now.” The time has come for the great fortunes to contribute with greater solidarity to the support of the states and to the construction of the welfare state that we want to launch in Mexico. If poverty is measured, why should wealth not be measured? If extreme poverty is measured, then extreme wealth must also be measured.

Why do you propose that there be fiscal progressivity, if those who earn the most are already paying more taxes today?

—Today we all pay the same ISR rates under the current scheme: 30% for legal entities and 34%, individuals. With the current scheme, the middle class is the most sacrificed and the great fortunes win millions.


Ramírez Cuéllar cut short and said that those who think that their proposal seeks to install a socialist regime are out of place, because “nobody thinks of expropriations, or communism, or socialism, all we want is for Mexican society to live with Decency and with dignity, I don’t think it’s too much to ask, is it? ”

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He revealed that he has not spoken with President López Obrador about his proposal, but affirmed that both are on the same line, since his great passion is to fight against inequality and poverty, since all they want, he said, is a decent society and worthy, that there is not so much inequality in the country.

Did you speak to the President about this proposal?

“We are talking to everyone.” I have not spoken with the President, but we are on the same line, because he also has a great passion to fight against inequality, it is the passion that we share, fighting against poverty and now the passion that we have to fight against inequality. All we want is a decent and dignified society, that there is not so much inequality in the country.

He said that the businessmen “are jumping and protesting” because the criterion of fiscal progressivity is so that “the great fortunes begin to collaborate more on national expenses, in reality the bottom of the matter is in everything related to the reform of the Constitution that I am promoting so that the concept of fiscal progressivity is established ”.

What would fiscal progressivity mean in the country?

—That the great fortunes begin to cooperate more with national expenditures to start up a good health system and stop holding the middle class hostage, because it and those with the lowest resources are the backbone of public finances.

Now what we want is that the great fortunes also collaborate, with even greater solidarity, in the financing of health services, in the education of all programs that involve protections for well-being.

He said that it is intended that the middle class stop sacrificing itself, because it imposes a compulsory tax rate, unlike others that have great fortunes, “we have in our country more than 125 million people, but only 140 thousand concentrate 50 % of ownership of national wealth ”.


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