We drove: Suzuki Vitara Hybrid 2022

First of all, it seems that Suzuki has chosen weight-saving solutions when developing its own full hybrid drive. Depending on the equipment, the full hybrid Suzuki Vitara is 81 to 63 kilograms heavier than the manual transmission soft hybrid. This means it weighs 1245-1268 pounds with front-wheel drive and 1316-1338 pounds with four-wheel drive.

The four-cylinder, 6000-horsepower, 1.5-liter is the 1.5-liter engine. He may be familiar from Jimny. 12.7 front acceleration and 13.5 sec acceleration from 0-100 for 4 × 4 full hibird Discussions. The top speed is 180 km / h. The 129-horsepower 48-volt hybrid has a 9.5 resp. 10.2 seconds and a top speed of 190 km / h

The battery here is lithium-ion, as in the 48-volt system found in the cars of many of our readers, but the power storage unit is not to the right of the center tunnel, under the front passenger seat, but in the rear. The lithium electrode battery, which allows for extremely fast recharging and discharging, is located under the boot floor. An important difference is that this is a high voltage 140 volt battery.

It’s a big event that years after the 1.6-horsepower intake petrol runs out, it could once again be an atmospheric engine for a Vita. We found a very similar one to the in-line four-cylinder machine in the Jimny. With this engine, the 0-100 acceleration of the front-wheel drive and 13.5 seconds of the 4 × 4 full hybrid Vitras. The top speed is 180 km / h. The 129-horsepower 48-volt hybrid has a 9.5 resp. 10.2 seconds and a top speed of 190 km / h.

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The 1462cc four-cylinder petrol engine is enhanced by a higher compression ratio and double injection. The compression ratio to 13.0: 1, a good high value and efficiency is also improved by direct petrol injection.

We tested the new hybrid Suzuki 51

A great value in the Vitarák is the 4 × 4 drive, an all-wheel drive not available from most of the competition.

K15C is the engine’s factory code. The control of the intake and exhaust valves also changes, it is not the valve lift that changes, but the opening and closing times change. The petrol engine at 102 rpm has 102 horsepower, which is 75 kW. It can deliver 138 Nm of torque at 4400 rpm.

If you look at the maximum torque of the electric machine, 60 Nm is little more than the 53 that Suzuki gives to the starter generator of 48-volt hybrids. The power of the two electrical components, on the other hand, differs substantially because the power of the starter-generator in the auxiliary hybrid is 10 kW, or 13.6 horsepower, and here it is 24.6 kilowatts, which is 33.5 horsepower rounded.

Interestingly, Suzuki is building an automated manual transmission into the driveline. The robotic manual transmission is called AGS, which stands for Auto Gear Shift. There is no clutch pedal, in addition to the clutch, the six forward gears are also switched by actuators instead.

We tested the new hybrid Suzuki 52

On the outside, only the Hybrid type label with a black background distinguishes it from the Auxiliary Hybrid Discussions.

All-wheel drive available for the Vitra is very rare in this category. The drive system usually works in automatic mode, which can be overridden to select snow, sport and closed (snow, sport, lock) positions. The latter comes in handy by activating 4 × 4 and above 60 km / h it automatically shuts off and the car switches to snow mode. In sports mode, the control is immediately distributed to the rear wheels by the multi-disc clutch.

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Interestingly, the 4 × 4 Vita also has a slope control that maintains the set speed by automatically applying the service brake if the engine brake is not enough for this downhill slope. The ground clearance is 17.5 centimeters, care must be taken to get to the bottom of the car off the asphalt.

We tested the new hybrid Suzuki 53

4175 mm in length, 1775 mm in width, 1610 mm in height and 250 cm in wheelbase are identical to the 48-volt hybrid