We explain to you why you cannot give blood if you return from certain Italian regions

Blood stocks are at their lowest on the eve of vacation departures. While the French Blood Establishment has issued a vital emergency bulletin in the face of the lack of donations, some Azureans are forced to wait or abstain before being bitten. The cause is the West Nile virus.

Azureans wishing to donate their blood after returning from a trip may have to be patient. It takes more than 28 days to return from some Italian regions in particular can make a donation to the French blood establishments.

Stocks are at their lowest but the public establishmentwhich indicated that June 29 have need 20,000 additional blood bags within 10 daysdo not skimp with respect to contraindications.

Veneto, Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna… If you have stayed at least one night in one of these transalpine regions in the last 28 daysno need to think about donating blood.

Because the West Nile virus is present there, donors are not allowed to perform this act of generosity. unless you have been back from one of these destinations for 4 weeks. Ditto for certain regions of Spain, or Kabylie. No difficulty, however, if you are returning from a stay in Morocco.

It is the mosquito which is the only vector of its transmission in a Mediterranean region which is seeing the development of the disease, from the Israeli shores to the Rock of Gibraltar.

To check if your visit to a particular country or region is causing problems, you can go directly to the EFS site to check these restrictions.

As Public Health France indicates, the West Nile virus is “an arbovirus mainly transmitted by mosquitoes that can cause neurological damage in humans”.

It particularly affects humans and horses and most often causes an asymptomatic but potentially serious disease, in 1% of cases.

A fifth of people who have contracted the virus find themselves victims of a flu-like illnessthe incubation period can vary between 2 and 14 days.

At the end of 2018, it was the Alpes-Maritimes department that had been the most affected with 20 cases, or 80% of the reports recorded nationally. In 2020, 5 equine cases were reported in France, including 1 in the Var department.

the 7e wave of Covid-19 going to put a serious brake on blood donations? In any case it could delay them.

The EFS explains thatNeither the health pass nor the vaccination pass are necessary to donate blood”but that in the event of Covid-19, it is essential to wait “7 days after the onset of symptoms to donate your blood, or after the date of the positive test for asymptomatic people. This period may be reduced to 5 days following a negative antigen or PCR test and in the absence signs of infection in the last 48 hours.”

The site of the public establishment also recalls thatin the vast majority of cases, it is possible to donate blood after an injection of the Covid-19 vaccinewithout any adjournment period to be observed”.

The only constraint is to come masked, because as in all health establishments, wearing a mask remains compulsory.